Where was movie The accountant filmed?

Atlanta, Georgia Filming. Principal photography began on January 19, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia. On March 1620, filming was taking place at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Filming wrapped on April 2, 2015.

Where was the last scene of the accountant filmed?

Lake Allatoona So, with all that as background, why do I refer to The Accountant here? Because the very last scene in the movie is filmed here at Lake Allatoona with Ben Affleck driving his Airstream across this bridge. Boom.

What is the picture at the end of The Accountant?

The paintings featured in the film are: Woman with Parasol and Child by Renoir, 1874; A Friend in Need (Dogs Playing Poker) by Cassius Coolidge, 1903; and Free Form by Jackson Pollock, 1946.

How much is the pollock in The Accountant worth?

The Pollock in terms of both monetary and personal value is worth the most in The Accountant. Thought to be worth somewhere in the region of $140 million, it is also the painting that Wolff won’t sell.

Will Anna Kendrick be in the accountant 2?

The Accountant 2 is officially a go according to director Gavin O’Connor. Written by Bill Dubuque and directed by O’Connor, The Accountant stars Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. … Unfortunately for fans of The Way Back, the director also confirms that movie will not be getting a sequel, unlike The Accountant.

What Airstream was used in the accountant?

Airstream PanAmerica So, what Airstream was used in The Accountant? An Airstream PanAmerica was used by Ben Afflick’s character for the movie The Accountant. This travel trailer is Airstream’s take on a toy hauler, which allows for storage of motorcycles or ATVs in the rear garage area.

Where in Atlanta was the accountant filmed?

Here is a list of locations in and around Atlanta that were used for filming: The Gwinnett County Jail in Lawrenceville doubled as Leavenworth. A small strip mall in Roswell became the site of ZZZ Accounting, the small-town accounting office that Affleck’s character uses as a front.

Why did The Accountant roll his shins?

In Thai martial arts, they might roll bottles or sticks on their shins because you develop scar tissue. … It develops so much scar tissue and deadens all the nerves that you can fight. It comes out of martial arts, and that’s something that’s another part of who Chris is and what he does. He drills himself.

What happened to the accountants brother?

Chilton decides to commit suicide and kills himself with insulin in order to save his wife. Unbeknownst to Braxton, Living Robotics was investigating internal embezzlement.

Is The Accountant based on a true story?

So, while The Accountant isn’t based on a true story, it does have a foothold in reality. Specifically, the film’s writer Bill Debuque, director Gavin O’Connor, and star Affleck took great care to ensure that Chris’ personality and mental state he’s described as having autism felt as real as possible.

How much is an original Jackson Pollock worth?

The early Jackson Pollock painting, Red Composition (1946), is expected to fetch between $12 million and $18 million at Christie’s.

How much is Woman with a Parasol worth?

A Famous Monet Painting Just Sold for a Record $110.7 Million.

Why is Pollock paintings so expensive?

Prices in the art market, like any other, are partly determined by supply and demand. Pollock was not a prolific artist – he died at 44 – and his works rarely come up for sale. … To call the market lively is an understatement. High as a kite is more accurate, said Dr Thornton.

Is there an accountant 2 movie?

A second Accountant film has finally been confirmed via CinemaBlend and we already know a little bit about what to expect from the highly-desired sequel.

How does The Accountant end?

The Accountant saves the in-house accountant, reunites with his brother, and kills the CEO.

Who played Braxton in The Accountant?

But you’ll soon be able to catch Bernthal in The Accountant, the upcoming thriller staring Ben Affleck as a numbers genius with a criminal client list. The actor plays a man named Braxton in the movie.

What truck did the accountant drive?

Ford F-150 (2011) pickup truck driven by Ben Affleck in THE ACCOUNTANT (2016) #Ford Pickup trucks, Ford fusion, Ford f150.

Why is airstream so expensive?

The three major reasons why Airstreams are so expensive are: aluminum body construction, legendary reputation, and the use of high-quality components. Over the years, Airstream’s brand name has become internationally synonymous with class and luxury, which has also helped to elevate the price of their trailers.

What gun did Ben Affleck use in the accountant?


Gun Character Title
Glock 17 Christian Wolff The Accountant
Smith & Wesson Model 327 Christian Wolff The Accountant
Daniel Defense MK18 Christian Wolff The Accountant
Barrett M82A1M Christian Wolff The Accountant