What was the top 500 on Smooth Radio?

George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ tops Smooth’s All Time Top 500 for a fourth time. George Michael has come out on top once again in Smooth’s All Time Top 500 for 2021! After receiving more votes than ever before for Britain’s Biggest Music Countdown, George Michael topped the chart with ‘Careless Whisper’.

Who was number one on Smooth Radio?

Michael Jackson was voted by Smooth Radio listeners and SmoothRadio.com readers as the best artist of all time in the third annual Smooth Icons countdown, retaining his crown from 2020. Over 57,000 votes were cast in the poll, which saw Michael beat 2019’s winner George Michael.

What songs were played on Smooth FM today?

  • I Want To Know What Love Is Foreigner. 10:49 pm.
  • Against All Odds Phil Collins. 08:42 pm.
  • Take My Breath Away Berlin. 08:09 pm.
  • All Of Me John Legend. 07:13 pm.
  • What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong. 07:05 pm.

What number is Smooth FM UK?

97-108 FM You can select ‘Smooth Radio’ on DAB digital radio, or listen via 97-108 FM.

What was number 1 on smooths 500?

Careless Whisper George would have been delighted and proud that Careless Whisper has been voted number one in Smooth’s All Time Top 500 for 2020 for the second year in a row and for the third time overall, the Estate of George Michael told Smooth.

What was number 1 on Greatest Hits Radio Top 500?

You can find out who took the top spot in this year’s Top 500 here.

  • Top 5 songs from the 2019 Top 500:
  • 4) ‘Could You Be Loved’ – Bob Marley and the Wailers. …
  • 3) ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’ – Eurythmics. …
  • 2) ‘You to Me Are Everything’ – The Real Thing. …
  • 1) ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – Queen.

Is Smooth Radio app free?

With the new Smooth Radio App powered by Global Player we’ve made it easier than ever to listen to Your Relaxing Music Mix. … So, whatever you’re into – the latest hits, classic tracks, music for chilling out or even topical debate – Global’s got you covered. And best of all, it’s completely free and available worldwide.

How do I find a song that was played on the radio?

Call the radio station. Look up the number in the advertising section of the phone book and use the request line or studio line. Ask the DJ the name of the song that was played at the time you heard it. You’ll have to call quickly, because nobody’s going to remember an hour later what song was played at a certain time.

Who owns Smooth FM?

NOVA Entertainment smoothfm is an Australian commercial radio network owned and operated by NOVA Entertainment.

Does Smooth FM have news?

smooth has all the updates on the latest breaking and national news.

What happened to smooth radio?

A Global spokesperson said: Smooth Extra and Heart Extra have been replaced with the national Smooth and Heart broadcast. … The national services will be known as Smooth UK and Heart UK, whilst the local and regional services will continue with their own programmes at Breakfast for Smooth and Drive for Heart.

What did smooth radio used to be called?

26 March All Smooth Radio and Saga Radio are relaunched as the Smooth Network. 23 August GMG Radio confirms that Mark Goodier’s mid-morning show on 102.2 Smooth Radio will be syndicated across other Smooth stations in the network from September.

What FM is heart radio?

100.7 Heart FM Launch. Heart began broadcasting in the West Midlands on 6 September 1994 as 100.7 Heart FM, becoming the UK’s third Independent Regional Radio station, five days after Century Radio in North East England, and Jazz FM North West. The first song to be played on 100.7 Heart FM was Something Got Me Started by Simply Red.

What year was Careless Whisper Number 1?

Released in 1984, Careless Whisper reached the number one spot in 25 countries and has topped the poll for the third year in a row as it has found a new audience through TikTok, featuring in more than 210,000 clips.

What frequency is greatest hits radio on?

Greatest Hits Radio

Frequency MW: 828 1584 kHzFM: 96.0 107.9 MHzDABFreeview 716
RDS Grt Hits
Branding Across *TSA*
Language(s) English

How do I get Google to play greatest hits radio?

How to listen to Greatest Hits Radio: You can listen on DAB digital radio, online at www.greatesthitsradio.co.uk, or via the Greatest Hits Radio app. You can also listen on your smart speaker by saying ‘Play Greatest Hits Radio’ on Alexa, or ‘Play Greatest Hits Radio on tune-in’ on Google Home.

Can I get Smooth Radio on my tablet?

Download the Smooth Radio app from Amazon Appstore on your compatible Android phone or tablet, including Fire devices.

Can I listen to Smooth Radio on my phone?

You can listen to Smooth Chill live, any time and anywhere in the world, via Global Player, the official Smooth Radio app. Download the Global Player app, or the Smooth Radio app, from App Store or Google Play, and enjoy the world’s greatest music on the go.

What wave length is Radio 4?

198 Radio 4 can be found on the following channels, frequencies and websites: DAB Listed as BBC Radio 4, BBC R4, or Radio 4 FM 92 – 95 FM, 103-105 FM. LW 198 Long Wave.

How do I find a particular song?

5 surefire ways to find the name of that song

  1. Shazam. What’s that song? …
  2. SoundHound. SoundHound can listen to you sing the song you want to identify. …
  3. Google Sound Search. …
  4. Like you can for everything else, just ask Siri on your iPhone or Alexa on your Amazon Echo what song is currently playing. …
  5. Genius or Google Search.

What song is being played the most this week?

Most Played Songs This Week

song album
1. Brightside Brightside
2. I Don’t Live Here Anymore I Don’t Live Here Anymore
3. Survivor The Future
4. Easy On Me 30

How do I find a song if I only know the melody?

On your mobile device, open the latest version of the Google app or find your Google Search widget, tap the mic icon and say what’s this song? or click the Search a song button. Then start humming for 10-15 seconds. On Google Assistant, it’s just as simple. Say Hey Google, what’s this song? and then hum the tune.

Does Robbie Williams own Smooth FM?

Nova Entertainment’s Smooth FM will launch a renewed marketing push, fronted by British pop star Robbie Williams. … Williams, he said, made sense for this marketing push, as his own journey to maturity has coincided with the evolution of Smooth.

Who owns Nova entertainment?

Lachlan Murdoch NOVA Entertainment is Australia’s fastest growing entertainment company with broad interests across the media industry. NOVA Entertainment is wholly owned by Illyria Nominees Television, a private investment company of Lachlan Murdoch.

What FM station has easy listening music?

Easy Listening Radio Stations

  • Ouro Verde FM. FM 105.5. Last played: …
  • Seeburg 1000. Web. Last played: …
  • Positividade FM. FM 104.5. Last played: …
  • Luister FM. FM 90.6. Last played: …
  • Jewel 92 – CKPC-FM. FM 92.1. Last played: …
  • Love FM. FM 95.1. Last played: …
  • KNCT – KNCT-FM. FM 91.3. Last played: …
  • Smooth Jazz CD 101.9. Web. Last played: