What should I build on Shen?

Shen’s Top Items

  • Sunfire Aegis.
  • Thornmail.
  • Titanic Hydra.

Is Shen a top Laner?

Shen Build 11.21 ranks as an S-Tier pick for the Top Lane role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 52.44% (Good), Pick Rate of 5.42% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.96% (Low).

How do you play top Shen?

Is Shen AP or AD?

The problem with both runes is that they provide adaptive bonuses meaning that Shen will get AD but there’s a way to turn them into AP. We just need to buy a single AP item and more in particular the cheapest one available. With 350 gold adaptive bonuses turns from AD to AP. For such a small price you can get 230 AP.

How does Shen counter sett?

Best Sett Runes to Counter Shen To have the greatest likelihood of beating Shen as Sett, Sett players should use the Conqueror, Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Last Stand, Second Wind, and Unflinching runes from the Precision and Resolve rune sets.

Why is Shen top tier?

Shen has climbed into the top lane S tier after his Patch 10.15 buff. With an inbuilt global Teleport and a potential five-man Taunt in his kit, it’s quite surprising that Shen isn’t a staple of both solo queue and pro play metas.

Is Shen a tank?

No matter how you play him, Shen is a tank. As such, both builds take 21 points in defensive masteries. The builds differ in their secondary trees, where support goes into utility and bruiser goes into offense.

Does Darius counter Shen?

Darius encounters Shen in only 3.0% of his games. Darius has done a ok job of beating Shen. Normally, he wins a acceptable 49.9% of matches the champs fight each other in. In Darius versus Shen matches, Darius’s side is 0.0% more likely to earn first blood.

Who beats Shen?

Shen Counter Pick The strongest counter would be Maokai, a easy to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 53.55% (Good) and Play Rate of 2.27% (High).

How do you carry as Shen?

How do you use shens Q?

How do you beat Shen?

Can Shen jungle?

Shen got a buff to his passive Ki Barrier in patch 10.15, giving him a higher shield value. The buff might be another reason for his appearance in the jungle, giving him a more sustainable jungle clear. Shen still has one weak point in the jungle, which is his clearing speed.

Is support Shen viable?

He isn’t viable to be a support at competitive level but personally I have played it a number of times and it works pretty well. If you can build tanky (Sightstone, Bulwark, Tabi, Locket etc.) your taunt is an extremely strong tool in the 2v2 fights you’ll find yourself in bot lane.

Is Shen good vs sett?

Unfortunately, Shen has done a poor job of beating Sett. Typically, he wins a lowly 47.6% of games the champions face off with each other in. In Shen vs Sett matches, Shen’s side is 0.0% more expected to gain first blood. This implies that he most likely will get first blood against Sett.

How do you beat Shen vs sett?

To have the greatest likelihood of beating Sett as Shen, you should take the Poigne de l’immortel, Coup de bouclier, Second souffle, Revitalisation, Got du sang, and Chasseur vorace runes from the Volont and Domination rune sets.

Does Shen counter Wukong?

Shen Top vs Wukong Top Build & Runes Shen wins against Wukong 55.19% of the time which is 6.73% higher against Wukong than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Shen wins against Wukong 4.56% more often than would be expected.

Why is Shen so strong?

Shen has been the strongest champion due to the champion’s annoying playstyle, flexible in both laning and combat. Shen’s abilities are easy to use and newbie can get used to his abilities very fast.

Does Shen counter Quinn?

Shen encounters Quinn in only 1.2% of his games. Shen has done a ok job of beating Quinn. Typically, he wins a acceptable 50.7% of games the champions face one another in. In Shen vs Quinn matches, Shen’s team is 0.0% more probable to get first blood, indicating that he most likely will get first blood versus Quinn.

What can Shen play?

  • Shen is mostly played as a tank or an attack speed / attack damage bruiser. …
  • Shen can also be played as an ability power bruiser.

Is Shen a fighter?

Shen Woo developed his own, devastating street-fighting boxing style best described as violent. His fighting style is characterized with simple yet incredibly powerful punches that constitute the vast majority of his moves.

Does Shen counter Garen?

Unfortunately, Shen does a poor job of countering Garen. On average, he wins a acceptable 49.3% of the time the champions fight each other in. In Shen vs Garen matches, Shen’s team is 0.1% more likely to earn first blood, implying that he probably will be able to get first blood versus Garen.

Who wins Fiora vs Darius?

Fiora wins against Darius 51.00% of the time which is 1.17% higher against Darius than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Fiora wins against Darius 0.39% more often than would be expected.

Who wins Darius vs Shen?

Darius wins against Shen 50.38% of the time which is 3.13% higher against Shen than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Darius wins against Shen 1.63% more often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Darius build & runes against Shen.

Are Shen and Zed brothers?

They are brothers because Zed was an adopted child of Master Kusho which is Shen’s father. In the very young age of Zed, Kusho adopted him and Zed almost live his life with Shen and Master Kusho. In their bio’s, it was stated that Shen treated Zed as his kin which means family and Shen was like a brother for Zed.

Did Shen teach Akali?

Shen taught the girl, Akali Jhomen Tethi, to master the arts of stealth and subterfuge. Her mother, Mayym, had stood alongside Kusho as the Fist of Shadow, and it seemed as though her daughter could follow the same path.

Does Shen block Yasuo Q?

Using this correctly can cancel out about 1/3 of all champions in the game for the whole 1.5 seconds it is active since it blocks all things that proc on hit effects (including things like yasuo q (his tornadoes still knock you up)).