What kicker should I pick up for Week 6?


  • Tyler Bass, BUF (at TEN)
  • Justin Tucker, BAL (vs. LAC)
  • Harrison Butker, KC (at WAS)
  • Matt Gay, LAR (at NYG)
  • Greg Zuerlein, DAL (at NE)
  • Ryan Succop, TB (at PHI)
  • Brandon McManus, DEN (vs. LV)
  • Matt Prater, ARI (at CLE)

Who is the best fantasy kicker 2021?

2021 Kicker Rankings

  • #2: Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens.
  • #3: Greg Zuerlein, Dallas Cowboys.
  • #4: Jason Myers, Seattle Seahawks.
  • #5: Ryan Succop, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • #6: Tyler Bass, Buffalo Bills.
  • #7: Matt Gay, Los Angeles Rams.
  • #8: Robbie Gould, San Francisco 49ers.
  • #10: Jason Sanders, Miami Dolphins.

Who is the top fantasy football kicker?

Week 11 kicker rankings

Rank, Player Yates
1. Tyler Bass, Buf Ind 4
2. Nick Folk, NEQ @Atl 3
3. Greg Joseph, Min GB 2
4. Daniel Carlson, LV Cin 6

What kicker should I start?

Fantasy Kicker Rankings Week 8: Who to start, sit in fantasy football

Rank Player
1 Tyler Bass, BUF vs. MIA
2 Matt Gay, LAR @ HOU
3 Greg Zuerlein, DAL @ MIN
4 Ryan Succop, TB @ NO

Who is the number 1 kicker?


Rank Name Avg. Kickoff Distance
1 Jackson Smith 5P/5K 66.75
2 Trace Butcher 5K 65.25
3 Job Matossian 5K/4P 68.25
4 Mason Maddox 5K/4P 62.25

When should I pick a kicker in fantasy football?

This is the most important rule of all, simple but crucial: Do not draft a kicker until the end of your draft. The final round is ideal but never before the last one or two rounds. Do not try to get cute and draft the best kicker in the seventh round.

Is J Sanders a good kicker?

The All-Pro is one of the league’s top kickers after making 36 of his 39 field-goal attempts in 2020, with a long of 56 yards. … He’s Miami’s all-time leader in field-goal percentage (86.5) and has converted 77 of his 89 career attempts.

Who has the best kicker in the NFL 2021?

Top 20 Kickers for 2021

Rank Name Team
1 Justin Tucker BAL
2 Harrison Butker KC
3 Younghoe Koo ATL
4 Wil Lutz NO

How important is a kicker in fantasy football?

Who is the most important player on a football team? … When it comes to fantasy football, the kicker isn’t exactly going to be your MVP, but if you get one who can reliably produce 10 points or so every week, it’s a nice little addition that can help push you over the top.

Is Will Lutz hurt?

The Saints will be without kicker Wil Lutz for the entire 2021 season. The Saints have been juggling kickers ever since. … But the Saints designated Lutz to return from injured reserve last week.

Who should I start Koo or Gostkowski?

And we are getting to the point of season where you want your kickers playing in a dome. It’s been a wild ride for Gostkowski. It’s like when I pull out my driver, there’s a good chance I’m piping it down the fairway. Or I’m sending it into the houses on the left.

Who’s the best field goal kicker in the league?

Tucker is the most accurate kicker in league history with a 90.6 percent field goal completion rate. He’s also as clutch at they come, going 16-for-16 in the final minute of regulation.

What makes a good kicker in football?

According to Grablachoff, elite kickers and punters need two things to be great: precise foot-to-ball impact and very fast leg speed. If you can do that, he said, if you listen to directions, you practice hard, and really stay committed to it, pretty much anybody can become a good kicker.

Should I pick defense or kicker first?

In almost every single format of fantasy football, you should wait until the final two rounds of your draft to pick your team defense and kicker not necessarily in that order. Some argue that team defenses are more easy to predict while others argue that kickers are more consistent. It doesn’t really matter.

How do you pick a kicker in fantasy football?

The strategy is simple:

  1. Pick about five kickers who aren’t ranked in the top five in your respective fantasy magazines. These guys should be on teams with solid defenses. More on that on a moment.
  2. Wait until the last round of your draft. Not the next-to-last. …
  3. Pick someone on your list. Anyone who’s still available.

Which fantasy kicker should I draft?

7 fantasy kicker last season. Jason Sanders, who wasn’t on anyone’s radar going into last season, wound up finishing first. … 2021 Fantasy Kicker Rankings.

Rank Player
1 Justin Tucker, Ravens
2 Harrison Butker, Chiefs
3 Jason Sanders, Dolphins
4 Matt Prater, Cardinals

Is AJ Green a good fantasy pick?

Green has been a solid fantasy football WR2/WR3 through four weeks on the NFL season. The new Cardinals wide receiver has been targeted six times in four consecutive weeks. This adds up to a healthy target share at 19.5%. Green had a disappointing fantasy football season last year.

Is Jason Sanders hurt?

No recent injuries for Jason Sanders.

Should I pick up James White?

White is a good PPR running back to draft with a mid- to late-round pick, and he’s only a late-round flier in non-PPR leagues. … Hopefully, the 7.7 PPR points per game he averaged in 2020 improves closer to the 13.3 range, which is what he averaged per game in 2019.

Who is the most accurate kicker in NFL history?

#1 Justin Tucker It should come as no surprise that Justin Tucker is the most accurate kicker in NFL history. His career 90.6 field goal percentage is easily the highest mark for any kicker that meets the criteria. He has never missed a kick under 30 yards in 77 career attempts.

Who is the highest paid kicker in the NFL?

kicker Justin Tucker Kickers’ earnings soared in 2021, making Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker the highest-paid kicker. He has a $3.5 million base salary, matched with Jacksonville’s Josh Lambo.

Can a kicker get negative points?

Answer 9. Having a good kicker can be key, both in the NFL and on your fantasy team. Just like in real life, a field goal in fantasy football is worth three points. Missing a kick won’t lose you any points it just won’t gain you any, either.

Do I need 2 defenses in fantasy football?

Never Draft More Than One Defense For the reason I mentioned above, there’s little to no scarcity at this position. Therefore, there’s no reason to have two defenses clog up your bench. In the past, I’ve even gone without drafting a defense so that I could draft a player with upside instead.

What round should you draft a QB?

This breaks with the quarterback logic I employed for those picking 1-8, but the anticipated run on quarterbacks between your sixth- and seventh-round choices makes drafting a quarterback in the fifth or sixth round worth it. If you wait until the seventh round, you’ll be stuck with a low-end QB1.