What is The Weeknd’s biggest hit?

BLINDING LIGHTS The Weeknd’s Official Top 20 biggest songs

2 STARBOY 2016
3 THE HILLS 2015

How many Top 10 hits does The Weeknd have?

Heartless immediately shot up to #1 making it his 4th #1 to date, and both tracks have earned over 550,000 consumption domestically, and over 1 million globally. To date The Weeknd has notably tallied a total of 9 career Hot 100 Top 10 hits.

What is The Weeknd best song?

Our answer is, when he made these 10 songs…

  1. The Morning (House of Balloons)
  2. Loft Music (House of Balloons)
  3. Wicked Games (House of Balloons)
  4. Wasted Times (My Dear Melancholy)
  5. The Birds Pt 2. ( Thursday)
  6. High For This.
  7. Often (Beauty Behind The Madness)
  8. Tell A Friend (Beauty Behind The Madness)

Has The Weeknd had a number 1 hit?

The Weeknd’s breakout album Beauty Behind the Madness spawned the number 1 singles The Hills and Can’t Feel My Face, both of which were central parts of his Super Bowl halftime performance. … In addition to his five number 1 hits, The Weeknd has also had several other songs chart within the top 5 of the Hot 100.

What songs made The Weeknd famous?

April 2012. The Weeknd makes his debut on the Billboard Hot 100 by assisting his fellow Canadian countryman Drake on Crew Love. The song, from Drizzy’s Take Care album, starts in the anchor slot No. 100 this month. In November, The Weeknd scores his first Hot 100 hit as a lead with Wicked Games.

What song is The Weeknd famous for?

He holds several Billboard chart records; which include being the first artist to simultaneously hold the top three spots on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart with Can’t Feel My Face, Earned It, and The Hills, and for having the longest-charting song of all time with Blinding Lights.

How many hits Drake have?

Throughout his career, Drake has now charted 54 top 10 hits, by far the most among all artists. The Canadian rapper already held that record before this week, but now he’s put more space between him and the runner-up, Madonna, who is steady in second place on the all-time ranking with 38 appearances between Nos.

Does the weeknd have a greatest hits album?

The Highlights is the second greatest hits album (and first released globally) by Canadian singer the Weeknd. It was released on February 5, 2021, and follows the release of his fourth studio album After Hours (2020) and his first greatest hits album The Weeknd in Japan (2018).

How many Billboard Top 100 does the weeknd have?

3, marking the highest re-entry in the chart’s history. 34: The total number of Hot 100 No. 1s since Blinding Lights debuted on Dec. 14, 2019, in addition to the song itself, which reigned for four weeks in April and May 2020.

What’s the longest song ever?

As of 2019, Guinness World Records states that the longest officially released song was The Rise and Fall of Bossanova, by PC III, which lasts 13 hours, 23 minutes, and 32 seconds. The longest recorded pop song is Apparente Libert, by Giancarlo Ferrari, which is 76 minutes, 44 seconds long.

Why is the weeknd the best?

The critics define The Weeknd’s style as Rhythm and Blues contemporary. His songs are sad, tragic and somber. … The artist started his musical career uploading songs to YouTube, until a producer discovered it and took him to the commercial circuit. That’s how he became the superstar he is today.

Which is the greatest song of all time?

Subscribe Now. (WTRF) Rolling Stone has released its latest list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and the Queen of Soul is at the top. Aretha Franklin’s Respect topped the list as the No. 1 song, according to the entertainment magazine and website.

How many #1 Does Drake have?

Drake has 9 number-one songs Many of his songs have gone on to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart, as well as Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap Songs charts.

Who’s bigger Drake or The Weeknd?

4.8 billion. On YouTube, the Weeknd’s videos have been watched 4.8 billion times around the world in 2020 alone. This is more than Drake (2.79 billion), although still not enough to surpass YouTube king Justin Bieber (5.25 billion).

Who has the most number one hits of all time?

The Beatles The Beatles have the most No. 1 hits of all time: 20.

What’s The Weeknd’s real name?

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye The Weeknd / Full name The Weeknd, byname of Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, (born February 16, 1990, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Canadian rhythm-and-blues singer and songwriter who was perhaps best known for his explicit songs about sex and drugs, many of which were autobiographical, and for his soaring falsetto and its singular tremolo.

What was Weeknd’s first song?

There were actually 3 singles that were first released by The Weeknd, real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, back in 2010. The tracks, entitled ‘What You Need’, ‘Loft Music’ and ‘The Morning’, were created in collaboration with music producer Jeremy Rose.

What song put The Weeknd on the map?

Earned It had an extended ending with rhythmic hits that led into one of the tunes that put The Weeknd on the map, House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls.

What songs did the weeknd perform at the Super Bowl?

Halftime Setlist:

  • Call Out My Name (played as intro)
  • Starboy.
  • The Hills.
  • Can’t Feel My Face.
  • I Feel It Coming ft Daft Punk.
  • Save Your Tears.
  • Earned It.
  • House of Balloons.

Who has the most #1 hits on Billboard?

10 Artists With The Most No.1 Hits On The Billboard Hot 100 Chart

  • 8 Whitney Houston – 11.
  • 7 Madonna – 12.
  • 6 The Supremes – 12.
  • 5 Michael Jackson – 13.
  • 4 Rihanna – 14.
  • 3 Elvis Presley – 18.
  • 2 Mariah Carey – 19.
  • 1 The Beatles – 20.

Which rapper has the most hits?

Artists with the most number-one singles

Number Artist
23 Drake
11 Lil Wayne
10 Puff Daddy
Kanye West

How many #1 does Kanye have?

He is the fourth highest certified digital singles artist in the United States. His Billboard Hot 100 history reads; 107 entries, 56 top 40s, 18 top 10s, and four number-one singles.

Is The Weeknd releasing new music?

The Dawn is coming. The Weeknd has announced that his new album is done. During Monday’s episode of his Apple Music show Memento Mori, he provided an update on the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2020’s After Hours.

Is The Weeknd working on a new album?

The dawn is coming very soon, according to The Weeknd, who declared that his upcoming fifth studio album is complete.

Who won Hot 100 Billboard 2020?

Year-end list

No. Title Artist(s)
1 Blinding Lights The Weeknd
2 Circles Post Malone
3 The Box Roddy Ricch
4 Don’t Start Now Dua Lipa

Is Blinding Lights the biggest song?

The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ Is Officially The Longest-Charting Hot 100 Hit Of All Time.

What song has the longest Billboard Hot 100?

Blinding Lights Most total weeks on the Hot 100

Number of weeks Artist(s) Song
90 The Weeknd Blinding Lights
87 Imagine Dragons Radioactive
79 Awolnation Sail
76 Jason Mraz I’m Yours