What is Shinedown’s biggest hit?

Second Chance All of Shinedown’s singles have charted on at least one Billboard tracking chart. Their biggest hit is Second Chance, the second single from their album The Sound of Madness.

What was ambrosia’s biggest hit?

How Much I Feel Ambrosia is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1970. Ambrosia had five top 40 hit singles released between 1975 and 1980, including the top 5 hits How Much I Feel and Biggest Part of Me, and top 20 hits You’re the Only Woman (You & I) and Holdin’ on to Yesterday.

Does Shinedown have the most number one hits?

In August, the band netted their 16th number one song on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart with the single Atlas Falls. This stand-alone single, which was released to help raise funds for COVID-19 relief, broke the record for most number ones in the chart’s nearly 40-year history.

Does Shinedown have greatest hits album?

What was Shinedowns first hit?

Save Me The lead single, Save Me was the band’s first to reach the number one spot on the Mainstream Rock Charts, and held the position for twelve weeks in a row. The second single, I Dare You, also peaked at number 2 on the same chart.

What song is Shinedown known for?

# 1 Bully Our number one pick for the Top 10 Shinedown Songs; Bully. Reaching number one in February 2012. Bully is the lead single from the album Amaryllis. Bully was the first song that fans had heard since 2008 with the album Sound of Madness.

Why is David Pack not in Ambrosia?

GD: After a few successful years with The Range, you decided to get back with Ambrosia with all four original members and embarked on several successful tours. Why did David Pack decide to leave the band? … We wanted to get the band back out on tour and it became too much of a conflict.

Where is David Pack now?

Napa Valley David and his wife are both cancer survivors and have a heart for helping others. They live in Napa Valley with 14-year-old son Jackson.

Did Michael McDonald ever sing with Ambrosia?

Ingram and McDonald later re-teamed to provide background vocals for Ambrosia’s David Pack on I Just Can’t Let Go, and helped co-write She Don’t (Come Around Anymore) on the same album (1985’s Anywhere You Go).

Who has the most #1 rock songs?

Artists with the most number-one songs

Songs Artist
16 Shinedown
15 Three Days Grace
13 Van Halen
11 Five Finger Death Punch

Who has the most #1 rock hits?

The Beatles have the most No. 1 hits of all time: 20.

What rock band has the most hit songs?

As of 2017, based on both sales claims and certified units, the Beatles are considered the highest-selling band. Elvis Presley is considered the highest-selling individual artist based on sales claims and Drake is the highest-selling individual artist based on certified units.

Where was Shinedown I’ll follow you filmed?

Henson Recording Studios More videos on YouTube As an added bonus, enjoy this clip of Shinedown performing I’ll Follow You in The Live Room as part of an exclusive live recording session at Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA.

What band was Rick Beato?

Rick Beato

VICP-60148 Umajets Clearspot
60150-13079-2 Various Wind-Up
83566-2 Shinedown Atlantic
REYE-6005 Left Front Tire The Redeye Label

Who is the girl in the Shinedown Second Chance video?

Alanna Massey The video stars a couple of local people; the girl is played by Alanna Massey, of nearby Parrish, Florida, and the little brother is William Bernet who lives across the street from Corky and Brenda Parker’s house whose home is featured as the girl’s home in the video.

When did bass join Shinedown?

Eric was born in Charleston, South Carolina on October 23, 1974. He plays the bass and piano, and is a backing vocalist for Shinedown. He joined the group in 2007.

Is Joe Puerta married?

In 2020, Joe married his Tour Manager and long time fan Shannon Marie Killala on Star Vista’s 70’s Rock and Romance Cruise a-midst a unique concert/wedding with his Ambrosia bandmates (Chris North best man, Burleigh Drummond officiating) and good friends musicians John Ford Coley, Peter Beckett, and Stephen Bishop.

When was Bruce Hornsby in Ambrosia?

Hornsby became friends with members of Ambrosia and would crash on a member’s sofa when he made visits to Los Angeles in 1979 or 1980.

Is the band Ambrosia still touring?

Ambrosia tour dates 2021 – 2022. Ambrosia is currently touring across 2 countries and has 12 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at The Canyon Santa Clarita in Santa Clarita, after that they’ll be at The Canyon Agoura Hills in Agoura Hills.

What year did David Pack leave Ambrosia?

The lead singer, David Peck, pursued a solo career. A series of unfortunate events compelled him to leave ‘Journey’ unofficially in 1986.

Did Michael McDonald sing backup on steal away?

But maybe that was cool, because Doobie Brothers lead singer Michael McDonald sings backup vocals on this track (as he did on seemingly every other song released around this time). Dupree released a couple of other minor hits and continues recording and touring to this day.

Who sang for Ambrosia?

David Pack

David Pack
Instruments Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Years active 1970present
Labels Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Concord
Associated acts Ambrosia, Alan Parsons, Michael McDonald