What is Shillong most popular for?

Places To Visit In Shillong- The Abode Of Clouds! Shillong, the state capital of Meghalaya also known as the ‘Scotland of the East is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Situated at an altitude of 4,990-feet above sea level, it is a perfect mix of unique culture and natural heritage.

What is special in Shillong?

Apart from the natural beauty, Shillong also acts as the gateway to Meghalaya, the state famous for heavy rainfall, caves, tallest waterfalls, beautiful landscapes and amazing people and their culture. Shillong is also fast emerging as an education hub for the entire northeastern region.

What can we do in Shillong for 3 days?

With the help of our Shillong tour itinerary for 3 days, enjoy a sightseeing tour of Shillong such as a stroll around Ward’s Lake, explore British colonial architecture, and admire city views from forested Shillong Peak.

How many days are enough for Shillong?

How many days are enough to cover Shillong? A: One should aim at spending a minimum of 5 days in the city so as to be able to cover all the attractions of the town. There are some magnificent views that the city has to offer so one should not miss out anything!

Is Shillong safe?

Shillong has a low crime rate and therefore considered relatively safe. However, petty crimes like pickpocketing or bag snatching are common. It’s advisable to always be cautious of your surroundings and avoid visiting isolated areas, especially after dark.

What is the famous food of Shillong?

There’s doh jem, a dish made from pork liver and intestines, while doh kpu has meat balls made of pork or beef keema. Another staple is dai doh, which, simply put, is pork dal. The cuisines also use a lot of fish. Doh kha sdieh is the Khasi version of Assamese fried fish.

Is there snowfall in Shillong?

Since Shillong does not normally experience snowfall even during winters, you can visit the place during the winter months without bothering about getting stuck in bad weather conditions. … The nights, however, tend to get chilly with the temperature dropping down to as low as 2 degree Celsius during the winter months.

What should I wear in Shillong?

What to wear – Travel tips for Shillong

  • For the spring time light cotton clothes are preferable during the day. …
  • Monsoon season are wet with heavy rainfall so carry some warm clothes as you may get cold due to the rainy weather.
  • Winters are extremely cold and chilly so carry heavy woolen clothes.

Is Shillong worth visiting?

Shillong is home to some beautiful places worth checking out like the Lady Hydari Park, Shillong Peak, the Elephant Falls and the Umiam Lake. Each of these places is gorgeous and rejuvenating.

How much does Meghalaya trip cost?

Popular Meghalaya Tour Packages

Meghalaya Packages Price (Per person on twin sharing) Nights
Mesmerizing Meghalaya With Cherrapunji & Dawki Rs 16,800 5 Nights
Shillong & Kaziranga Tour Rs 34,500 6 Nights
Delightful Meghalaya With Assam Rs 23,250 4 Nights
Incrible Shillong & Cherrapunji With Jowai Rs 18,600 4 Nights

What is the language of Shillong?

Official Khasi, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
PIN 793 001 793 102

Which is the best time to visit Shillong?

Best Time to Visit Shillong

  • March to June: March and April see the advent of summers but the weather is still quite pleasant. …
  • June to September: Monsoon months see average to heavy rainfalls in Shillong. …
  • October to February: October is when the rainfall stops and the weather begins to cool down.

Which is better Sikkim or Meghalaya?

Sikkim is altitude wise on higher side obviously. But if you want to enjoy hilly greenery then Meghalaya seems best. Bro visit Sikkim, It is best place to visit in North east. Though may is not season because it will be summer.So the stay and traveling expenses will be chapet also there will be less crowd.

How far is Kaziranga from Shillong?

Distance Between Kaziranga to Shillong

Distance between Kaziranga to Shillong by Road is 253 Kms
Distance between Kaziranga to Shillong by Flight is 169 Kms
Travel Time from Kaziranga to Shillong by Road is 4:40 hrs
Nearest Airport in Kaziranga Rowriah Airport (26.58, 93.17)

How do I plan a Shillong trip?

A Week Long Tour Itinerary to Shillong

  1. Day 1 Exploring the City. …
  2. Day 2 The Laitlum Canyon and The Syiem’s House. …
  3. Day 3 The Shillong Peak and the Elephant Falls. …
  4. Day 4 & 5 A Trip to Cherrapunji and Mawlynnong. …
  5. Day 6 Visit Dawki. …
  6. Day 7 A Visit to the Grand Churches of Shillong.

Is alcohol legal in Shillong?

Shillong: The East Jaintia Hills administration on Tuesday issued an order banning the sale of liquor in restaurants, hotels and dhabas in the district. Only licensed bars are exempt from the order. The move aims to decrease cases of drunk driving and accidents along NH-44.

Is Shillong good for study?

Shillong, lying in the cradle of tall pine conifers and pineapple shrubs, with undulating terrain, surrounding hills and abundant greenery, is ideal for educational pursuits.

Is Shillong safe for womens?

It is safe for solo travelers, no problems of insurgency in the tourist destinations of Khasi & Jaintia Hills. I can help you plan your trip. Day 5-Shillong- Mawlynnong village, visit Single decker root bridge and waterfalls on the way. Night stay in Shillong.

How do you say hello in Meghalaya?

In 1972 Meghalaya state was formed by merging Garo Hills , Khasi Hills and Jayantia Hills. … Survival Phrases in Khasi: Walking in the Abode of Clouds.

English Khasi Hindi
Hello kumno Namaskaar
How are you? Phi long kumno? Aap kaise hain?
I am fine Nga biang Main thiik hun
Thank you khublei

What can I buy in Shillong?

What to buy in Shillong

  • Shawls and Stoles. …
  • Scottish Cloth/ Scottish Dress Material. …
  • Khasi Scrubs. …
  • Organic Produce and products. …
  • Designer/ Vintage Wear. …
  • Police Bazaar in Shillong. …
  • Police Bazaar, Shillong.
  • Circle at Police Bazaar.

What is the famous dance of Shillong?

Nongkrem dance Shillong culture: Nongkrem dance The main element of this festival is the Nongkrem dance, which even today, people perform without altering the traditional values. Usually, men and unmarried-women perform this dance form. Also, ritualistically, the tribals sacrifice the goat.

Which is the coldest place in Meghalaya?


Coordinates:25.28N 91.35ECoordinates:25.28N 91.35E
Country India
State Meghalaya
District East Khasi Hills

Why is Meghalaya so cold?

Thirdly, the state of Meghalaya lies in the tropical latitudes close to the Tropic of Cancer which inhibits the occurrence of snowfall. Other than the areas that lie in the Himalayan ranges, it does not snow anywhere that lies in the vicinity of the Tropic of Cancer.

Does Cherrapunji have snow?

If dry weather is what you’re after, the months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation in Cherrapunji are December, November, and then January. … Weather stations report no annual snow.

What should I pack for Meghalaya trip?

So, here she brings to you 10 most important things to pack for your North-East India trip based on her experiences.

  • RAIN GEAR. …
  • FOOD. …
  • CASH. …

How is Shillong in October?

In October, the average high-temperature is 22.8C (73F), and the average low-temperature is 14C (57.2F).

Is it safe to travel to Gangtok now?

There’s no issue with Gangtok. Lots of tourists are visiting daily. However there were some issues last month while on the way to Gangtok which passes through agitation regions, but things are fine as of now and as I mentioned, lots of tourists are visiting daily without any hassles.

Is Uber available in Shillong?

Online cab providers like Savaari, Uber and Ola provide their cab services in Shillong and are a reliable means of transport.

Is Shillong open for tourist now?

The Meghalaya government has issued a set of guidelines for incoming travellers. Shillong: To the relief of many who had wished to escape from the scorching heat and the hustle-bustle of Guwahati, the Meghalaya government has finally announced that the state has re-opened for tourism.

Is there paragliding in Shillong?

The best time to do paragliding in Shillong is the summer months of April, May, and June, when the weather is sunny. The skies are clear, giving you a perfect view of Shillong’s beauty. The cost to paraglide in the hills of Shillong is anywhere between 2000-2500 INR.