What is imported in Tennessee?

Printers and parts, aluminum for refining, and apparels and footwear for the state’s apparel assembly and retail trade round out the state’s top goods coming in from abroad. The top eight imported products, in fact, account for more than half of all goods coming into Tennessee.

What are the 5 biggest imports?

What Are the Major U.S. Imports?

  • Minerals, fuels, and oil $241.4 billion.
  • Pharmaceuticals $116.3 billion.
  • Medical equipment and supplies $93.4 billion.
  • Furniture, Lighting, and Signs $72.1 billion.
  • Plastics $61.9 billion.
  • Gems and precious metals $60.8 billion.
  • Organic chemicals $54.6 billion.

What does Tennessee buy the most?

The state’s largest market was Canada. Tennessee exported $7.9 billion in goods to Canada in 2018, representing 24 percent of the state’s total goods exports. … Agriculture in Tennessee depends on Exports.

2017 Value 2017 State Rank
soybeans $401 million 16
other plant products $216 million 20
cotton $196 million 8

What is one of the top 5 imported commodities?

These are the most imported products in the US. Crude oil and gold are also two of the most exported commodities. … Top US Imports.

Commodity Annual Amount
Refined and Crude Petroleum $149.2 billion
Lumber $20.3 billion
Gold $16.5 billion
Aluminium $8.2 billion

What is Tennessee’s biggest export?

Soybean Top Five Agricultural Exports, Estimates, FY 2016

1st Soybean 369.7
2nd Other plant products (see 1) 217.6
3rd Cotton 98.5
4th Corn 88.2

Who is Tennessee’s largest import trading partner?

Top 25 Countries Based on 2020 Dollar Value

Rank Country 2019 % Share
Total Tennessee Imports and % Share of U.S. Total 3.5
Total, Top 25 Countries and % Share of State Total 95.9
1 China 26.8
2 Mexico 11.8

What is the US #1 Export?

Searchable List of America’s Most Valuable Export Products

Rank US Export Product YOY
1 Processed petroleum oils -30.6%
2 Crude oil -23%
3 Cars -18.7%
4 Integrated circuits/microassemblies +10.3%

What is the United States #1 import?

Imports The top imports of United States are Cars ($178B), Crude Petroleum ($123B), Computers ($81.9B), Broadcasting Equipment ($81.8B), and Packaged Medicaments ($79.5B), importing mostly from China ($429B), Mexico ($361B), Canada ($314B), Japan ($134B), and Germany ($131B).

What is the US biggest import?

Searchable List of America’s Most Valuable Import Products

Rank US Import Product 2020 Value (US$)
1 Cars $145,659,382,000
2 Computers, optical readers $104,948,207,000
3 Phone system devices including smartphones $102,547,452,000
4 Medication mixes in dosage $95,175,568,000

What does Tennessee import from China?

China is a major supplier of electronic components used to make cellphones, printers and computers in Tennessee, Livingston said. China also is among Tennessee’s top 10 states for the level of foreign direct investment in the state with 14 Chinese companies investing more than $457.7 million in Tennessee facilities.

What products are manufactured in Tennessee?

Processed foods (grain products, bread, breakfast cereals, flour) are the most important sector of the manufacturing industry in Tennessee. Important contributing beverages are beer, whiskey and soft drinks. Other processed food products include candy, meats, dairy products and vegetable oil.

What country is Tennessee’s top export partner?

Top 25 Countries Based on 2020 Dollar Value

Rank Country 2020 % Share
Total Tennessee Exports and % Share of U.S. Total 2.0
Total, Top 25 Countries and % Share of State Total 88.2
1 Canada 20.7
2 Mexico 11.6

Who are the US biggest trade partners?

China, Canada and Mexico are the country’s largest trading partners, accounting for nearly $1.9 trillion worth of imports and exports. But this landscape could be reshaped as President Trump pursues America First policies and reworks free trade deals.

What are the top 5 US exports?

These are the top US exports

  • Top U.S. goods exports.
  • Food, beverage and feed: $133 billion. …
  • Crude oil, fuel and other petroleum products: $109 billion. …
  • Civilian aircraft and aircraft engines: $99 billion. …
  • Auto parts, engines and car tires: $86 billion. …
  • Industrial machines: $57 billion.
  • Passenger cars: $53 billion.

What are the top 5 countries that the United States receives their imports from?

The United States imports half of its total volume from five countries: China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Germany. Although the United States can manufacture goods it imports, these exporting countries have the comparative advantage over it.

What is the main crop in Tennessee?

-Agriculture in Tennessee is characterized by a diversity of crop and livestock production. On an acreage basis, the three main crops are corn, hay, and cotton. They make up 75 percent of the crop area harvested. Soybeans, small grain, and tobacco are grown on a considerable area.

What are three major industries in Tennessee?

Top Industries In Tennessee

  • Education. If you can’t find a college or university to attend in Tennessee, you need to go back to school. …
  • Entertainment. …
  • Agriculture. …
  • Automotive. …
  • Advanced Manufacturing. …
  • Adventure Tourism. …
  • Health Care.

What is the biggest industry in Tennessee?

ambulatory health care services In Tennessee, ambulatory health care services is the largest industry, accounting for 4.8% of the state’s total GDP of $376.6 billion. The industry’s annual economic output totals $18.2 billion, a 17.1% increase over the last five years.

What are Tennessee’s top 10 exports for 2021?

Top 10

  • Cotton (uncarded, uncombed): $713 million (2.5%)
  • Artificial joints, parts and accessories: $703 million (2.5%)
  • Mid-sized automobiles (piston engine): $657 million (2.3%)
  • Precious metals waste, scrap: $549 million (1.9%)
  • Sterile sutures: $500 million (1.8%)
  • Whiskies: $465 million (1.7%)

What is the economy like in Tennessee?

The US average is 7.3%. – The Income Tax Rate for Tennessee is 0.0%. The US average is 4.6%. … Income and Salaries for Tennessee.

ECONOMY Tennessee, Tennessee United States
Unemployment Rate 5.1% 6.0%
Recent Job Growth -5.4% -6.2%
Future Job Growth 41.6% 33.5%
Sales Taxes 9.8% 6.2%

What are Tennessee’s natural resources?

NATURAL RESOURCES One of Tennessee’s top resources is its fertile soilin fact, almost half the state is farmland! The state is also known for mining minerals such as fluorite, calcite, pyrite (also called fool’s gold), marble, and zinc.

What does China export the most?

Searchable List of China’s Most Valuable Export Products

Rank China’s Export Product Change
1 Phone system devices including smartphones -0.4%
2 Computers, optical readers +14.6%
3 Integrated circuits/microassemblies +14.6%
4 Miscellaneous articles, dress patterns +711.1%

What does US export to China?

The top US goods exports to China are oilseeds and grains, semiconductors and their componentry, oil and gas, and motor vehicles. Many states also generate substantial economic value from service exports like travel, education, and financial services.

What does the US export 2021?

Exports of goods increased $0.3 billion to $145.9 billion in June. Exports of goods on a Census basis increased $0.2 billion. Industrial supplies and materials increased $1.2 billion. Crude oil increased $1.6 billion. … U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services, June 2021.

Deficit: $75.7 Billion +6.7%
Exports: $207.7 Billion +0.6%
Imports: $283.4 Billion +2.1%

What does China import?

Most of China’s imports consist of machinery and apparatus (including semiconductors, computers, and office machines), chemicals, and fuels. The main import sources are Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, the countries of the European Union (EU), and the United States.

What does America import from China?

The top U.S. import commodities from China are fruits and vegetables (fresh/processed), snack food, spices, and tea the combined which accounts for nearly one-half of the total U.S. agricultural imports from China.

What is Mexico main import?

Mexico’s major imports include machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, and consumer goods.

What other country is most like the United States?

Canada is by far the most similar country to the United States. This is in part because they are both originally British colonies. However Canada retained more characteristics of Britain than the United States since it became independent much later.

Which country does the US trade with the most?

Year-to-Date Total Trade

Rank Country Total Trade
Total, All Countries 3,338.8
Total, Top 15 Countries 2,505.1
1 Mexico 486.6
2 Canada 484.0

What does China import the most of?

Searchable List of China’s Most Valuable Import Products

Rank China’s Import Product 2020 Value (US$)
1 Integrated circuits/microassemblies $350,845,066,000
2 Crude oil $176,321,269,000
3 Iron ores, concentrates $118,944,291,000
4 Cars $44,923,331,000