What is a top swing front derailleur?

Low clamp (aka top swing) It mounts low down to a round seat tube with a band clamp. As the clamp sits low on the frame (near the bottom bracket junction) and the derailleur itself pivots above it, these are commonly also known as a ‘top swing’ front derailleur.

Is Shimano acera any good?

The shifting capabilities of Acera Altus are noticeably better than that of Tourney it might still be a bit loud and clumsy, but it’s much more reliable and precise. … Shimano Altus and Acera components use these model numbers/ranges: M2000 (3×9), M300, and M400.

What is conventional swing front derailleur?

Conventional = high band. Top swing = low band.

Is Shimano Alivio better than acera?

Alivio is another small step up in gear hierarchy, it’s still a 9 speed drivetrain this one offers lighter components and reportedly better shifting than Acera and Altus.

Can I use any front derailleur?

In addition, front derailleurs are made for either 7, 8, 9 or 10-speed chains, but they can often be used interchangeably. If you are using a different chain than your derailleur was made to work with, the degree of adjustment you can expect will be lower than with a matched set.

What is the difference between top swing and bottom swing derailleur?

Top swing is where the clamp is low and the cage and linkages pivot out above the clamp, bottom swing is the opposite, the clamp is high and the cage and linkages pivot out from below the clamp, they do look different to each other, if your able to look at an online parts site that has photo’s of the products (like …

Is Shimano Altus or acera better?

Both the Acera and Altus are made of durable materials, but in terms of construction and performance, you’ll find that the Altus is much for lightweight. This difference means that rides are as a whole more smooth and it’s easier to shift from one gear to another.

What level is Shimano acera?

Shimano Acera Groupset Details In the Shimano MTB line of groupsets, Shimano Acera is considered as a mid-level groupset. The brakes and derailleur are very important among the different parts of Acera groupset because they are made lightweight mainly for trail riding.

Which one is better Altus or acera?

Acera and Altus is positioned at the same level but based on my experience I feel Altus is much better than Acera. They create less problems and operate more precisely. Also they are lighter. They use some technology from Alivio line which you will appreciate.

How do I identify my Shimano front derailleur?

Which is the best Shimano derailleur?

Comparison Table Best MTB Derailleur

Name Supports Single Front Rating
SRAM XX1 Eagle Yes 5.0
Shimano M640 Zee Yes 4.4
Shimano Deore XT RD-M786 SGS Yes 4.9
SRAM GX Type 2.1 Yes 4.2

How do I choose a derailleur?

Is Claris better than Sora?

But what between Shimano Claris vs Sora is better? Shimano Claris is more affordable and generally suits high-speed entry-level road bikes. On the other end, Shimano Sora has more quality components, making it costlier but better suited to low-speed road and mountain bikes.

Is Shimano or microSHIFT better?

If you are in the market for entry-level drivetrains for a Hybrid Bicycle or MTB which are equivalent to Shimano Tourney, then the microSHIFT Mezzo groupset is a perfect match. The derailleurs and shifters work efficiently and microSHIFT ensures improved durability and reduced maintenance.

How do you adjust a Shimano Acera rear derailleur?

How do I know what size front derailleur I have?

What size derailleur do I need?

your drivetrain capacity is the maximum amount of slack chain the rear derailleur cage can handle. The more potential slack, the bigger a derailleur cage you need. … Meanwhile, if you are running a modern 1×11 or even a 1×12 with a very large top sprocket, then a medium cage derailleur is probably the way to go.

Can I use MTB front derailleur on road bike?

The spacing between chainrings, double, triple, 8-,9-,10-speed (the thickness of the rings are different) are basically the same. A road FD and a road shifter will work fine. A mt FD and mt shifter will work fine. A road FD and a mt shifter will not work well.

How do you install a front pull top derailleur?

What is front derailleur?

The front derailleur is the mechanism that shifts the chain on bike with more than one front chainring. There are many different makes and models, but they all share the same basic design and functionality. Front derailleurs are attached to the bike with either a clamp or bracket.

How do you route a front derailleur cable?

Is Shimano acera 9 speed?

Product details of Shimano Acera Rd-m3000 Sgs Rear-farthing Long 9 Speed Mtb Bicycle Derailleurs Shimano Authentic Licensed Bicycle Accessories. allowing you to use more secure and more comfortable.

Is acera compatible with 7 speed?

The Acera M360 7/8-Speed Rear Derailleur offers light shifting operation and over-sized pulleys for a wider gear choice; compatible with 7- and 8-speed drivetrains.

Which is better deore or SLX?

Shimano SLX is also a killer value and sees a bit of weight savings over the cheaper Deore groupset. Much of the weight is in the rear cassette that gets an alloy cog and carrier compared to the steel Deore option. Looks get a bit cleaner and materials also get a slight improvement.

What is the order of Shimano groupsets?

Guide To Shimano Road & MTB Groupsets

  • Quick Links. Road Bike Groupsets Mountain Bike Groupsets Other Shimano Groupsets. …
  • Dura-Ace/Dura-Ace Di2. At the top of the pile is Dura-Ace, the original 11-speed and Shimano’s premium groupset. …
  • Ultegra/Ultegra Di2. …
  • 105. …
  • Tiagra. …
  • Sora. …
  • Claris. …
  • Deore XT/Deore XT Di2.

Can you use 10 speed derailleur 8 speed cassette?

A 10-speed derailleur can work with an 8-speed cassette only in one situation if it’s a road model designed by Shimano and not part of the Tiagra 4700 series. … Because the rear shift ratio of Shimano’s 10-speed road derailleurs is 1.7 and matches that of 8 and 9-speed Shimano derailleurs.