What drugs were sold on the wire?

  • The Barksdale Organization is a fictional drug-dealing gang on the television series The Wire. …
  • The gang’s criminal activities include heroin and cocaine dealing, homicides (including killing witnesses in criminal cases against the gang), and money laundering.

What is the main drug in the wire?

Authorities said the heroin ring controlled much of the drug traffic in now-demolished public housing complexes in Baltimore. Barksdale, who went by the nickname Bodie, is said to be the inspiration for a few characters in The Wire, the gritty crime drama set in Baltimore.

What is in the vials in the wire?

The colour-coded vials of cocaine (use to identify quality) are worth a lot of money. He’s not a drug addict, he’s selling drugs. Petty cash used by corrupt politicians for the purposes of persuasion on election day.

What is Ag pack of drugs?

G-PACK: One hundred vials of coke, prepackaged for sale.

Why do they call it hamsterdam?

The name Hamsterdam comes from the drug dealers’ mishearing Herc when he refers to Amsterdam, although some viewers have noted that the Ham reference may also be a pun based on the dealers’ view of the police as pigs.

What is a spider bag the wire?

36. SPIDER BAGS. 37. TECH NINE: Named for a 9mm semi-automatic handgun.

Who from The Wire has died?

His death was accidental, Julie Bolcer, a spokeswoman for New York City’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, said in an email. Williams, 54, was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment on Sept. 6, and police sources said at the time that drug paraphernalia was discovered at the scene.

Was The Wire a true story?

Yes. The Wire draws its plot from a true story. It derives from stories written by David Simon. Many characters reflect real people, like Omar Little, who inspired Michael Clark Duncan’s character in The Green Mile (1999).

Whats a hopper in The Wire?

Hopper – Young boy or girl of a rank below corner boys on the fringes of the drug trade. Normally serving apprenticeship by acting as lookouts or guarding a stash.

What are blue tops and red tops the wire?

Mope Police term for drug dealer. Package Consignment of drugs. Red tops/blue tops/yellow tops Vials of cocaine, colour-coded to identify quality of merchandise. Re-Up Restock package from drugs wholesaler.

Was Avon Barksdale real?

He has stated on The Wire DVD that Barksdale is a composite of several Baltimore drug dealers. Avon Barksdale is likely based, to some extent, on Melvin Williams (who plays the character of The Deacon) and Nathan Barksdale.

Is procaine the same as novocaine?

procaine hydrochloride, also called Novocain, or Novocaine, synthetic organic compound used in medicine as a local anesthetic. Introduced in 1905 under the trade name Novocaine, it became the first and best-known substitute for cocaine in local anesthesia.

What does AG mean in drug slang?

G is the name given to the drugs GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) and GBL (gamma butyrolactone). Other names include G, Gina, Liquid E and Liquid ecstasy. GHB is an odourless, oily liquid, with a slightly salty taste, usually sold in small bottles or capsules.

What is a slang word for drug dealer?

Cooker, dealer, dope peddler, dummy man, hookup, mad hatter, middleman, mule, pill lady, potrepreneur, pump, pusher, source.

What is Gee slang for?

gee. noun. Definition of gee (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : the letter g. 2 [grand] slang : a thousand dollars.

Is Hamsterdam based on a true story?

There never was a real Hamsterdam police-led de facto drug-legalization experiment, or at least no such situation has ever been made public. But Kurt Schmoke, mayor from 1988 through 1999, entertained the idea of fighting the drug war in Baltimore by decriminalizing narcotics.

How did McNulty get stringers number?

Stringer answers the phone using the name of his front organization B&B. … Freamon once again impresses McNulty by having the number he obtained for Stringer from Prez’s record search and as well as telling them he has been using a legitimate cell phone as well as having property in his own name.

Where did they film the wire?

Baltimore Where was The Wire Filmed? The Wire was filmed in Baltimore, Carlton C Douglas Funeral Services, Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum, Green Mount Cemetery, McCulloh Homes, Motel 6, Pearson’s Florist, Pennsylvania Station, St. James Episcopal Church, The Brewer’s Art, The Pit, Viva House and W Lexington St & N Fulton Ave.

What is a Spiderbag?

The spider bags are leather balls with air filled sacs connected to four corner posts via elastic bands. Spider bags capture the feeling of a double end bag, while also forcing the boxer to practice defensive rolls when moving around the ring.

What killed The Wire actor?

Williams died of an accidental overdose, medical examiner says. Michael K. Williams died of an accidental overdose, the New York City Chief Medical Examiner’s office announced Friday.

Why did cheese betray Prop Joe?

Joe believes that he has escaped further involvement with Omar, and despite Stanfield’s offering a bounty on anyone connected to Omar, Joe does not reveal Omar’s connection to Butchie. However, Cheese betrays Joe for the reward money, and Stanfield has his enforcers murder Butchie.

Is Omar from The Wire based on a real person?

Larry Donnell Donnie Andrews (April 29, 1954 December 13, 2012) was an American armed robber, murderer, and anti-crime advocate. He was the inspiration for the character Omar Little on the HBO series The Wire.

What did McNulty do after The Wire?

Jimmy McNulty: Following his dismissal from the Baltimore Police Department shortly after the documentary ended, McNulty struggled to find work, and thus: struggled to find peace. He bounced from job to job to job, including a short stint at Edward J.

What does DNR mean in the wire?

A pen register, or dialed number recorder (DNR), is an electronic device that records all numbers called from a particular telephone line.

What does PC mean in the wire?

Defined. The acronym PC on a bank statement stands for personal computer. This typically relates to transactions conducted online, such as bill payment, wire transfers or moving money between multiple accounts over the Internet.

What does Shorty mean in the wire?

I don’t have an example of Yo as 3rd person sg pronoun, but I did notice shorty being used for girl–it’s in one of the last two or three episodes of the first season. … It is only used when speaking of that person to someone else.