What are the top 10 most popular last names in the United States?

Using Census Bureau data, 24/7 Wall Street compiled a list of the top 50 last names in the U.S. Here’s what they found:

  • Smith.
  • Johnson.
  • Williams.
  • Brown.
  • Jones.
  • Garcia.
  • Miller.
  • Davis.

What is the rarest last name?

The Rarest Last Names

  • Acker (old English origin) meaning field.
  • Agnello (Italian origin) meaning lamb. …
  • Alinsky (Russian origin), a truly unique surname to find.
  • Aphelion (Greek origin) meaning point of the orbit at the greatest distance from the sun.
  • Bartley (English origin) meaning clearing in woodland.

What is the #1 last name?

Smith Most Common US Surnames By Rank

Rank Surname Surname Origin
1 Smith English
2 Johnson English, Scottish
3 Williams English, Welsh
4 Brown English, Scottish, Irish

What is the whitest last name?

name rank White percent
name SMITH rank 1 White percent 70.90%
name JOHNSON rank 2 White percent 58.97%
name WILLIAMS rank 3 White percent 45.75%
name BROWN rank 4 White percent 57.95%

What are unique last names?

Unique Last Names

  • Barlowe.
  • Caddel.
  • Hart.
  • Katz.
  • Laurier.
  • Madden.
  • Elrod.
  • Whitlock.

What are some rich last names?

Popular Rich Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings

  • Albrecht. Meaning: Noble, Famous (German) …
  • Armani. Meaning: Free (Italian) …
  • Arnoult. Meaning: Eagle ruler (German) …
  • Astor. Meaning: Hawk (French) …
  • Augustus. Meaning: Venerable (Greek) …
  • Baldwin. Meaning: Brave (German) …
  • Balenciaga. …
  • Bamford.

What are cute last names?

Adorable surnames-as-first-names for baby boys

  • Anderson.
  • Beckett.
  • Campbell.
  • Cash.
  • Carson.
  • Cohen.
  • Carter.
  • Davis.

What names mean death?

Human Names That Mean Death

  • Clay. The name Clay means mortal or one who is subject to death any moment of his life. …
  • Loralie/Lorelai/Loreley. No matter how you spell it, the name Lorelai refers to a beautiful woman who leads a man to death. …
  • Azrael. …
  • Damien. …
  • Achlys. …
  • Bacia. …
  • Kek/Kauket. …
  • Mabuz.

What is the weirdest last name ever?

  • Shufflebottom. This name has nothing to do with …
  • Biggerstaff. Originally from the region Bickerstaff in Lancashire county, the Biggerstaffs can count people with the last names Bickerstath, Bickerstathe, Bickersteth, and many more among their distant relatives. …
  • Hartshorn. …
  • Fullilove. …
  • Clampitt. …
  • Shellaberger.

What’s a good last name for a girl?

Cute Last Names as First Names for Girls

Name Meaning
Davis This is a common surname which means beloved
Hutton This name of Old English origin refers to a settlement
Finley This surname means a fair warrior
Duncan This Scottish surname means a dark warrior

What is the least popular last name?

Here are 100 of the Rarest Last Names in the U.S. as of the 2010 Census

  • Tartal.
  • Throndsen.
  • Torsney.
  • Tuffin.
  • Usoro.
  • Vanidestine.
  • Viglianco.
  • Vozenilek.

What are some badass last names?

What are some badass last names?

  • Aldine old. Aldaine a hill.
  • Bancroft beans smallholding. Brown dark reddish complexion.
  • Creed belief. Crassus thick.
  • Dalton valley enclosure. …
  • Enger meadow. …
  • Foreman strong or firm and man.
  • Grange someone who lived by a granary.
  • Halifax Sea make similar.

What are some nerdy names?

Geeky And Nerdy Boy Names:

  • Arthur: Arthur is the name of the perplexed protagonist of the movie The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. …
  • Geordi: Who cannot love LeVar Burton’s character Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s? …
  • Jimmy: …
  • Kent: …
  • Clark: …
  • Alyx: …
  • Alistair: …
  • Sheldon:

What are some black last names?

Today, the most common African American surnames are still Williams, Johnson, Smith, and Jones, according to the 2000 U.S. Census and the 2010 U.S. Census. The names are the same as the top surnames in the United States: Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown, and Jones.

What names are becoming extinct?

Top 10 ‘Endangered’ Girls Names:

  • Kirsty.
  • Jordan.
  • Shauna.
  • Shannon.
  • Courtney.
  • Lauren. …
  • Gemma.
  • Jodie.

What is the coolest last name?

Let’s look at the top twelve coolest surnames and their meanings.

  • Bierman. This Dutch and German name, also spelled Biermann, basically means a beer man: tavern owner, beer merchant, brewer, or a nickname for a beer drinker. …
  • Henry. …
  • Gaumond. …
  • Brassard. …
  • Hubert. …
  • Flammia. …
  • Hanlon. …
  • Agnor.

What are some fantasy last names?

What are some fantasy last names that sound interesting?

  • Atwater.
  • Agassi.
  • Apatow.
  • Akagawa.
  • Averescu.
  • Arrington.
  • Agrippa.
  • Aiken.

What are some royal last names?

Royal Last Names

  • Bahrain Al Khalifa.
  • Belgium Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
  • Bhutan Wangchuk.
  • Brunei Bolkiah.
  • Cambodia Norodom.
  • Denmark Glucksburg.
  • Esweatini Dlamini.
  • Japan Yamato.

What is the most successful last name?


SMITH 1 2,442,977
JOHNSON 2 1,932,812
WILLIAMS 3 1,625,252
BROWN 4 1,437,026

What are old money names?

If you want old, old families (as old as America can offer) look toward the 400: Astor, Vanderbilt, Livingston, Schermerhorn, de Peyster, Schuyler, Havemeyer, Van Rensselaer, Stuyvesant, Rhinelander, Jay, Rutherfurd, Chanler, Goelet, Cushing, Van Cortlandt, Whitney, etc.

What are good British last names?

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  • Smith. Number in Great Britain: 546,960. …
  • Jones. Number in GB: 422,023. …
  • Williams. Number in GB: 294,625. …
  • Taylor. Number in GB: 250,780. …
  • Davies. Number in GB: 215,074. …
  • Brown. Number in GB: 195,410. …
  • Wilson. Number in GB: 186,540. …
  • Evans. Number in GB: 171,816.

Can I change my last name?

Typically, you may legally change your name to whatever name you’d like, although state marriage laws may also provide some additional legal guidance. There are some exceptions though. For example, you can’t: Change your name to escape debt liability or hide from criminal liability.

What are powerful last names?

Popular Strong Last Names

  • Abbott (Hebrew origin), a popular name meaning father used to represent the head of a monastery.
  • Ahearn (Irish, Celtic origin), the name means Lord of the horses.
  • Albert (English origin), meaning noble. …
  • Allen (Irish, English, Scottish origin), the name means little rock or harmony.

What name means blood?

Names That Mean Blood For Girls

  • Agana (Chamorro origin), among the names meaning blood.
  • Akeldama (Aramaic origin), the name means field of blood.
  • Ayuna (Japanese origin), the name means bloody or red.
  • Blodughadda (Norse origin), the name means the one with the bloody hair, referring to red sea foam.

What name means moon?

25 Baby Names That Mean Moon

  • Apollo. Yes, it’s a reference to the handsome son of Zeus, but this name also pays tribute to the NASA space program that landed the first-ever humans on the moon.
  • Callisto. One of the moons of Jupiter, this gender-neutral name also means most beautiful.
  • Nikini. …
  • Ayla. …
  • Helene. …
  • Luna. …
  • Portia. …
  • Celena.

What name means love?

Baby girl names meaning love

  • Adore. Adore means to love or to worship or loved child, depending on which language you are drawing from. …
  • Ahava. Ahava is a lovely and uncommon Biblical name meaning love that is derived from Hebrew. …
  • Amia. …
  • Cara. …
  • Carys. …
  • Esme. …
  • Femi. …
  • Liba.

What is the longest name?

Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff Sr. The longest personal name is 747 characters long, and belongs to Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff Sr. (b. 4 August 1914, Germany) who passed away on 24 October 1997, in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania USA, as verified on 1 January 2021.

What are sad names?

For more ideas for your unlucky characters, take a look here.

  • Akuji (African origin) means dead and awake. …
  • Cecilia (Latin origin) means blind. …
  • Claudia (Latin origin) means lame.
  • Deirdre (Gaelic origin) means sorrowful or sad one.
  • Desdemona (African origin) means, ill-fated one and misery.

What are the most hated names?


  • Aiden.
  • Kaden.
  • Hunter.
  • Hayden.
  • Bentley.
  • Tristan.
  • Michael.
  • Jackson.