What are the top 10 Beatles song?

  • I Want to Hold Your Hand …
  • Strawberry Fields Forever …
  • Yesterday …
  • In My Life Photo : Sharok Hatami/Shutterstock. …
  • Something Photo : France/Gamma-Keystone/Getty Images. …
  • Hey Jude Photo : John Pratt/Keystone/Getty Images. …
  • Let It Be Photo : Getty Images. …
  • Come Together Photo : Chris Walter/Getty Images.

What is the 1 Beatles song of all time?

Read on for the complete list.

  • 1. A Hard Day’s Night (1964, A Hard Day’s Night)
  • 2. A Day in the Life (1967, Sgt. …
  • Yesterday (1965, Help!)
  • 4. Strawberry Fields Forever (1967, Magical Mystery Tour)
  • 5. Something (1969, Abbey Road)
  • 6. She Loves You (1963, Past Masters)
  • 7. Let It Be (1970, Let It Be)
  • 8.

What is considered the most popular Beatles song?

The band’s top hits started with I Want to Hold Your Hand in 1964 and ended, fittingly, with The Long and Winding Road in 1970. Going by how Billboard charted songs, Hey Jude (nine weeks at No. 1) turned out to be the biggest hit single of the Beatles’ run.

Which Beatles song is most beautiful?

The most beautiful Beatles songs Fab Forum

  • Good Night Just pure beauty. …
  • She’s Leaving Home Great song. …
  • In My Life Very melancholic, and very deep. …
  • Here Comes The Sun Song don’t need to be sad to be beautiful! …
  • Golden Slumbers I remember first hearing this and thinking Wow, how does Paul do that, it’s lovely

What is the Beatles best selling single?

‘Hey Jude’ turned out to be the most successful Beatles single.

Which is the greatest song of all time?

Subscribe Now. (WTRF) Rolling Stone has released its latest list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and the Queen of Soul is at the top. Aretha Franklin’s Respect topped the list as the No. 1 song, according to the entertainment magazine and website.

How many #1 songs did The Beatles have?

20 The Beatles have the most No. 1 hits of all time: 20.

What is Ringo Starr’s favorite Beatles song?

Come Together, Starr responded without hesitation. There’s lots of other favorites, but if you want one, ‘Come Together’ can’t be bad, he added, confirming it’s his favorite Beatles song. I just think it worked perfectly with the band and the song and John being John.

What is the most famous song in the world?

Probably, but for the sake of it, here are the 10 most popular songs in the world according to YouTube.

  • Luis Fonsi Despacito ft. …
  • Ed Sheeran Shape of You 5.4 billion views. …
  • Wiz Khalifa See You Again ft. …
  • Mark Ronson Uptown Funk ft. …
  • PSY Gangnam Style 4.1 billion views. …
  • Justin Bieber Sorry 3.4 billion views.

Which Beatle had the best voice?

Paul McCartney I think is the best singer because his voice stands out as the most refined sounding and melodious. His voice has the widest range among The Beatles members and the most versatile.

What was The Beatles first number one hit?

I Want To Hold Your Hand On January 18, 1964, I Want To Hold Your Hand debuted on the Hot 100 Singles Chart at #45. When it hit #1 on Feb. 1, it ended up staying at the top for seven weeks. Here’s a clip of their performance on The Ed Sullivan Show eight days later on February 9, 1964.

Which Beatle is the best?

1. John Lennon was the greatest and the most gifted artist. His life was his music. He sang about his mother, wife, son, father, world peace and a lot of other stuffs.

Did John Lennon have a good voice?

John did have a terrific voice. It’s always amazing to me that Lennon hated the sound of it, and never liked what he heard in playback in the studio.

Who was the most famous among the Beatles?

George Harrison at 75: How the quietest Beatle became the most popular one of all. The timeless legacy of Harrison is as strong as ever in the streaming age.

What was the last song the Beatles played live?

Get Back In 1996, the third live performance of Get Back, which was the last song of the Beatles’ final live performance, was included in Anthology 3.

Which Beatles song sold the most copies?

She Loves You Between 1960 and 1969, fourteen singles sold more than one million copies in the UK, of which the biggest-selling was She Loves You by the Beatles. … Singles.

No. 1
Single She Loves You
Artist The Beatles
Record label Parlophone
Year 1963

Which song made The Beatles the most money?

She Loves You

1 She Loves You Beatles
2 I Want To Hold Your Hand Beatles
3 Can’t Buy Me Love Beatles
4 I Feel Fine Beatles

Who wrote The Beatles biggest hits?

Lennon-McCartney is likely one of the most famous songwriting credits in music. John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote lyrics and music for almost 200 songs and The Beatles have sold hundreds of millions of albums.

What is considered the best rock song ever?

The Greatest EVER Rock Song


What is the most perfect song ever written?

The Beatles’ 1968 track ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ has been declared the most perfect pop song ever written by researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

What is the most powerful song?

The 25 Most Powerful Songs of the Past 25 Years

  1. I Love You // Barney the Dinosaur.
  2. Believe // Cher. …
  3. Everybody Hurts // R.E.M. …
  4. Jigsaw Falling Into Place // Radiohead. …
  5. Across the Universe // The Beatles. …
  6. Gin and Juice // Snoop Dogg. …
  7. The Super Bowl Shuffle // The Chicago Bears Shufflin’ Crew. …

Who was bigger Elvis or The Beatles?

In terms of numbers, The Beatles have sold 36.5 million more albums in the U.S. than Elvis, yet Elvis sold 25.5 million more singles than The Beatles. Since albums usually contain 10-12 more songs than singles, The Beatles would clearly be the winner in terms of U.S. record sales.

Who has more #1 hits than The Beatles?

Over the years, many artists have topped the list of the country’s most popular songs at the time, but none did so more often than The Beatles. With 20 no. 1 singles on the Hot 100 charts, the iconic British rock band are just one hit ahead of Mariah Carey, who has 19 notches in her belt.

Who is better Elvis or The Beatles?

On that list, Elvis Presley outranks The Beatles in terms of significance (Presley’s ranking is 7.116 and The Beatles ranking is 6.707). However, The Beatles outrank Elvis in terms of fame: The Beatles scored 4.423 vs. Elvis at 3.592.

How many Beatles songs did Ringo sing?

11 Beatles songs He sang lead on 11 Beatles songs and wrote just two by himself: ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ and ‘Octopus’s Garden. ‘ If you’re wondering which one was left off of our list of the Top 10 Ringo Starr Beatles Songs, it’s ‘Matchbox,’ the Carl Perkins number he covered in 1964 that’s on the ‘Past Masters’ CD.

What is paul McCartney’s favorite Beatles song?

At another stage, McCartney said that Revolver track Here, There and Everywhere was his top choice, but levelled that Yesterday would probably be his favourite Beatles song if it wasn’t so successful.

What happened with Ringo and the Beatles?

After the Beatles broke up, Starr embarked on a solo career. … He drummed on albums for Lennon (as well as Yoko Ono) and Harrison, and he and Harrison co-wrote the hit single It Don’t Come Easy, for his 1973 album Ringo. Ringo gave him two No. 1 hits in the U.S., and was his best-selling solo record.