What are the small top windows called?

A small opening window at the top is called a vent light. The parts of a window that actually open are called casements.

What is a top window called?

The head is the main horizontal part forming the top of the window frame. Jambs are the main vertical parts forming the sides of a window frame. A sill is the main horizontal part forming the bottom of the frame of a window.

What are small windows near ceiling called?

Clerestory windows are a type of fenestration or glass window placement found in both residential and commercial construction. A clerestory wall often rises above adjoining roofs.

What are the 4 types of windows?

4 Different Types Of Windows

  • Double-Hung Windows.
  • Casement Windows.
  • Awning Windows.
  • Bay or Bow Windows.

What are parts of window called?

Most windows have two main components, the frame and the sash. The frame is the outermost area, or casing of the window, and inside it are the sash and the glass. The sash is the area inside the frame, the part that holds the glass.

What is a sash in window?

A window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass and the framework around the glass to keep it in place. Window sashes are fitted into the window frame and may or may not be movable. Most windows in newer homes are sash windows.

What are floor to ceiling windows called?

window walls Floor-to-ceiling windows are commonly referred to as window walls. They are a combination of large windows that give the appearance of a wall of glass.

What is a bump out window called?

Generally, bay or bow windows give you more interior space, as they protrude out from a house’s exterior. They are a combination of windows often with a stationary window in the middle flanked by either double-hung windows or casements.

What is a highlight window?

Highlight windows are wide, short windows positioned high on the wall of a room and offer many benefits to the homeowner. They are also known as clerestory (clear story) windows and are positioned at the top of a wall above eye level.

What is a lantern window?

A roof lantern is a glass structure that sits on top of a flat roof. They are usually pyramid-shaped to encourage light to come through from all angles. Roof lanterns are a great way to flood your home with natural light.

What are ribbon windows?

Ribbon windows are a series of windows set side by side to form a continuous band horizontally across a facade.

Which window type is best?

Casement windows are considered better than double-hung windows at keeping out drafts since the window seal is generally quite tight. Casement windows are good when you want to scoop cooling outside air into the house.

What is the types window?

Double Hung Windows (two window sashes, opens vertically) Casement Windows (rectangular windows that open outwards with a handle) Picture Windows (large fixed square windows that don’t open, great for views) Bay Windows (multi-window style that protrudes from the home and can include a seating area)

What are the main types of windows?

The 7 Most Common Types of Windows

  1. Casement Windows. Casement windows are a traditional style window that is hinged on the outside of the structure. …
  2. Awning Windows. …
  3. Double-Hung Windows. …
  4. Bay Windows. …
  5. Picture Windows. …
  6. Slider Windows. …
  7. Single-Hung Windows.

What are the parts of a house window?

In the window industry, key parts of a house window include:

  • Glass. In a window assembly, glass is the principal window component. …
  • Upper Sash (Upper Panel) …
  • Lower Sash (Lower Panel) …
  • Grids. …
  • Hardware. …
  • Weatherstripping. …
  • Jamb. …
  • Side.

What is components of window?

3 Window Components

  • the frame.
  • the title bar.
  • the menu bar.
  • the status bar and.
  • the main window area.

What is the top sash of a window?

A window sash is the part of a window that moves and holds the glass panes together. The sash fits inside the window frame, which is attached to the house. The sash will vary slightly depending on the type of window. For example, on a double hung window there is an upper and lower sash that move up and down.

What is a sliding window?

Sliding windows are horizontal, with sashes that slide back and forth rather than up and down like more traditional windows. They are essentially double hung windows turned on their side.

What is a picture window?

A picture window is a large window that does not open up. It offers a clear and unobstructed view of the outside environment. It is basically framework for whatever view is on display.

What is a full wall window called?

If the whole wall is a window or a complex of windows, then that’s a window wall. A window that is like a door is a French window or French door. A very narrow window is sometimes called a slit window.

What are French windows?

French windows are a very popular model and are usually hinged double-paned units with large glass areas which allow a lot of natural light to flood in. With no sliding mechanism to operate them, they open inwards or outwards but typically the latter.

What is a window wall system?

Sometimes referred to as a type of curtain wall, the window wall is an aluminium framed unitized cladding system used primarily on mid and high-rise residential construction. The distinctive feature of the window wall is that it spans between the floor slabs.

What is a window Stile?

Stile The vertical edges of a casement. Jamb The two vertical sections running up the outer edge on each side of the window frame. Cill or sill – Sits horizontally across the bottom of the window frame. … Transom – A horizontal bar that separates two casements, for example a fixed pane and a fanlight casement.

How do you highlight a window?

Hold down Alt on your keyboard, then click and hold to start highlighting. Drag the cursor and release it when you are satisfied with your rectangular selection.