Is Whalen Furniture good quality?

At Whalen Furniture, we strive to bring you unmatched quality in design and performance. Every piece is crafted from quality hardwoods with premium wood veneers. … Our collections of home office, home entertainment and children’s furniture all have one thing in common: they look good and work great.

Is Whalen Furniture solid wood?

Every piece of furniture we build is crafted from the finest materials, including quality hardwoods and premium wood veneers.

Who makes Whalen Furniture?

Li & Fung Lincoln International LLC Whalen Furniture Manufacturing has been sold to Li & Fung. Lincoln International LLC (Lincoln), a leading global mid-market investment bank, has announced that Whalen Furniture Manufacturing, Inc.

What is Whalen?

Whalen is a surname. In Ireland, Whalen, Whelan, Phelan and O’Phelan, are anglicized variants of the same Gaelic surname, Faolin, which itself is a variant of Faoilein and Haolin.

How do you say Whalen?

How many people have the last name Whalen?

How Common Is The Last Name Whalen? This surname is the 13,715th most frequently held surname on a worldwide basis, held by around 1 in 179,060 people.

What does Whalen mean in Irish?

The family name Whelan /hwiln/ is an anglicisation of the Irish surname Faolin. … (anglicised as O’) derives from the Old Irish a, meaning grandson, or more figuratively patrilineal descendant.

What is the origin of Whalen?

The surname Whalen was first found in County Waterford (Irish: Port Lirge), anciently the Deise region, on the South coast of Ireland in the Province of Munster. Saint Fillan, Foilan or Felan (d. 777?), was an Irish missionary in Scotland in the middle of the eighth century.