Is soapstone cheaper than granite?

Soapstone costs roughly $70 to $120 per square foot installed, making it pricier than many other natural stone countertop materials. Also a high-quality natural stone, granite will not cost you as much soapstone. The material typically costs in the range of $40 to $100 per square foot installed.

Is soapstone a good countertop material?

If you constantly find yourself placing hot materials on kitchen countertops, then a soapstone countertop is ideal for your space. Soapstone countertops are heat resistant. As such, you do not need to worry about discolorations or damage from heat. This makes soapstone countertops ideal in most kitchens.

Does soapstone chip easily?

The main downside to soapstone, however, is its tendency to scratch or chip under heavy wear. Accidentally dropping a cast iron skillet on the counter could result in a chip, and chopping food directly on its surface would surely leave knife marks.

Is soapstone cheaper than quartz?

Granite and quartz cost about $50 to $100 per square foot, while soapstone countertops costs $70 to $120 per square foot. Not including installation, a typical 30-square-foot slab of granite or quartz costs about $1,500 to $3,000, while a soapstone countertop costs about $2,100 to $3,600.

Is soapstone always black?

Soapstone Countertops colors Unlike other mineral stones, soapstone comes in limited color options. Its typical color options are green, black, white, bluish gray, and gray. The veining of this stone is less compared to granite and marble.

What does soapstone look like?

Soapstone is typically gray, bluish, green, or brown in color, often variegated. Its name is derived from its soapy feel and softness. The name soapstone is often used in other ways. Miners and drillers use the name for any soft rock that is soapy or slippery to the touch.

How long do soapstone countertops last?

It’s limited in color from white to charcoal you won’t find pinks, blues or greens for examplebut if that range fits your design scheme, this high-quality countertop material should give you 20+ years of attractive, hardworking performance.

Is soapstone still popular?

Although soapstone can have a bit of veining, it does not provide that white look so many are looking for today. That’s not to say it’s not popular.

Can you put hot things on soapstone?

Soapstone is both chemical resistant and heat resistant, so you can set hot pots and pans directly on soapstone without risk of cracking or scorching. Soapstone is much softer and more prone to scratching than granite or quartz however, so preparing food directly on your soapstone counters could easily scratch it.

What color is soapstone when it is first mined?

Soapstone when first mined is typically bluish/gray.

Can you use Clorox wipes on soapstone?

Some people like to clean with bleach. Believe it or not, bleach will not harm it either. However, Bleach is not needed, since the soapstone’s natural high density will not harbor bacteria of any kind. … Will work wonderfully well and clean any surface bacteria just as well as bleach or harsh cleaners.

How do you remove water rings from soapstone?

Is soapstone easy to maintain?

Yes, Soapstone Will ScratchBut Maintenance Is Simple Its nonporous nature means that caring for soapstone is simple: little more than water and a gentle cleanser is needed for regular maintenance. … Soapstone is extremely soft, ranging from 1-4 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

What is the most affordable stone countertop?

Slate is one of the most affordable options for natural stone countertops. Prices average between $55 to $65 per square foot.

Is soapstone like granite?

Soapstone, which comes from Finland, China and Brazil, is quarried like granite and quartz and is composed primarily of magnesite, dolomite, chlorite and talc. It’s anywhere from 300 to 400 million years old, and the talc gives it a soft, warm appearance and touch.

Can soapstone get wet?

Moisture clings only to the surface of soapstone and is unable to force its way inside, even under pressure. … Soapstone is structurally dense. If moisture gets inside natural stone, it weakens the strength properties of almost all types of stone. If a stone gets wet unevenly, it can bend.

What is the lightest color of soapstone?

Minas soapstone is grey, one of the lightest soapstone varieties available with its light color coming from its high talc content. This high talc content also makes Minas a softer soapstone with a sensual quality that makes it wonderful to touch.

How do you care for soapstone?

General Care Cleaning soapstone countertops is extremely simple, using mild soap and water. If you decide to use mineral oil on the surface, you’ll want to avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals as they tend to undo that process.

Does soapstone come in light colors?

Types of Soapstone. Architectural soapstone comes in three main color varieties: gray, blue, and green. … The super-simple Barocca Soapstone has a smooth light-gray background with the occasional thin white vein (more visible when the soapstone is oiled or waxed). It is quarried in Brazil.

How do you identify soapstone?

How to Identify Soapstone

  1. Scratch the surface of the stone with your fingernail. Soapstone is very soft; it is assigned a rating of 2 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. …
  2. Rub the stone. There should be a waxy, soapy feel to the surface of the stone, whether it is polished or not. …
  3. Judge the stone’s temperature.

Do slate countertops scratch easily?

The hardness and durability of slate is also very appealing in the kitchen or bathroom. It won’t easily chip or scratch, and it stands up very well to heat.

Which is better soapstone or quartz?

Basically, soapstone is still plenty hard, but it’s just soft enough that it’s less brittle than granite or quartz. … Even better, because it requires less effort to quarry and cut down to size, this makes soapstone less expensive than other stone countertop options without sacrificing quality or long-term durability.

How big is a slab of soapstone?

70 x 118 The most common size of a soapstone slab is approx 70 x 118 and 3cm (1-1/4 thick).

Are stone countertops worth it?

Overall, stone countertops can be a worthy investment for a home owner. They add value to your home, make your home stand out in today’s competitive real estate market, and are a beautiful addition to any living space. If you’ve been on the verge of making the decision to install stone into your home, wait no longer!

Is soapstone timeless?

If you’re looking for a timeless traditional look, soapstone is perfect for you. … While soapstone use in becoming more popular, it’s not really a faddish material. Because it lasts forever and offers a timeless look you don’t have to worry much about your soapstone counters becoming dated.

Do soapstone countertops need to be sealed?

Soapstone is non-porous and, unlike marble and granite, does not need to be sealed. You can purchase our special formulated Soapstone Care Mineral Oil from our online store.

What are the benefits of soapstone?

Soapstone offers three major benefits: heat resistance/retention, acid resistance and absorption resistance/non-porosity. These properties enable soapstone to be used as sinks, countertops, floors, hearths, stoves and more.

Can you roll dough on soapstone?

Soapstone can handle it all. Furthermore, those who try their hands at anything requiring dough, like pasta, pizzas, or pie shells, are sure to love how the surface provides the perfect kneading or rolling area. … If you’re looking for a soapstone kitchen countertops in Wayne, PA or Exton, PA area, you’re in luck.

How do you clean soapstone?

For regular cleaning, the best method is:

  1. Put a few drops of dish soap into a bucket of warm water.
  2. Using a clean sponge, wipe your soapstone countertops completely.
  3. Rinse the sponge or use a clean cloth to wipe any excess soap from the countertop.
  4. Allow to dry.

How do you cut soapstone?

We recommend cutting soapstone with a circular saw diamond blade, however a masonry blade will work. Simple edges may be finished with common powered sanders. More ornate edges can be mastered with a router using carbide router bits.