How many number 1s did Wham have?

12 English musical duo Wham! …

Wham! discography
Singles 12
Remix albums 2
Documentary videos 1

What is Wham’s biggest selling single?

1 on the album charts and the band set off on an arena tour at the end of 1984. The double A-side single Last Christmas/Everything She Wants became the highest-selling single ever to peak at No.

Who has the most Top 10 singles ever?

Elvis Presley holds the record for most top 10 singles with 76, having first entered the chart in 1956 with his number two hit Heartbreak Hotel.

What was Wham’s number one song?

‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ their first number one in both the UK and US.

What was the longest number one single in UK charts?

The longest unbroken run at number one is (Everything I Do) I Do It for You by Bryan Adams, which spent 16 consecutive weeks in 1991.

Is Wham a one hit wonder?

Suffice to say, Wham! was not a one-hit wonder. Their first single under their new label was Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. … Enough people were into that sort of thing in the mid-’80s to make Wham! a global sensation, rivaling Culture Club for the mantle of Britain’s most popular pop act of the ’80s.

What was George Michaels net worth when he died?

At the time of George Michael’s death, his net worth was at least $120 million and could have actually been as high as $200 million depending on the value of his real estate and music catalog. Michael’s will divided his estate between his two sisters, his father, relatives, and friends.

What was number 1 when Wham Last Christmas?

Wham!’s Last Christmas has topped the UK singles chart for the first time, 36 years after it was first released. The festive classic was streamed 9.2 million times over the last week, knocking LadBaby’s Don’t Stop Me Eating off the top spot.

Who has 10 top 10s in the official charts?

Elton John sets new Official Chart record with Top 10s across six decades.

Who has 10 top 10’s in the official charts?

Speaking of Top 10s, Madonna holds the record for most consecutive Top 10 peaks, scoring 36 between 1984 and 1994. … MORE: Artists with the most Number 1 singles on the UK chart.


How many hits Drake have?

Throughout his career, Drake has now charted 54 top 10 hits, by far the most among all artists. The Canadian rapper already held that record before this week, but now he’s put more space between him and the runner-up, Madonna, who is steady in second place on the all-time ranking with 38 appearances between Nos.

Has Wham had a Christmas number 1?

I am delighted, somewhat amazed & profoundly pleased that WHAM!’s iconic Christmas classic Last Christmas has finally achieved the accolade of becoming a No 1. It’s a fitting tribute 2 George’s songwriting genius and 1 of which he would’ve been immensely proud & utterly thrilled.

What was Wham’s last single in the UK?

‘Last Christmas’ spent five weeks at Number Two when it was first released in 1984 kept off the Number One spot by Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas? ‘.

What is George Michael’s most famous song?

George Michael’s 20 greatest songs ever, ranked

  • Jesus to a Child. …
  • Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me (with Elton John) …
  • Faith. georgemichaelVEVO. …
  • Praying for Time. georgemichaelVEVO. …
  • A Different Corner. An error occurred. …
  • Freedom 90. An error occurred. …
  • Father Figure. georgemichaelVEVO. …
  • Careless Whisper. georgemichaelVEVO.

How long did Wet Wet Wet stay at number 1?

15 consecutive weeks Wet Wet Wet’s cover, for the soundtrack to the 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral, was an international hit and spent 15 consecutive weeks at number one on the UK Singles Chart.

Which song has been number 1 the most times?

Most weeks at number one

Number of weeks Artist(s) Song
19 Lil Nas X (1 week solo, 18 weeks featuring Billy Ray Cyrus) Old Town Road
16 Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men One Sweet Day
Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber Despacito
14 Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You

What song is No 1 in the UK?

As of the week ending 25 November 2021, the UK Singles Chart has had 1391 different number one hits. The current number one is Easy on Me by Adele.

Who is Kathy Jeung?

Kathy Jeung, who starred as George Michael’s love interest in his 1987 video for ‘I Want Your Sex’, dated the singer in the late ’80s for three years, when George was 24-years-old.

How old is Wake Me Up Before You Go Go?

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go is a song by the English duo Wham!, first released as a single in the UK on 14 May 1984. It became their first UK and US number one hit. It was written and produced by George Michael.

Why are Wham called Wham?

Michael and Ridgeley became best friends instantly when they met at school and were inseparable. … But it was only after they’d signed the contract that they adopted the name Wham!, and recalling the moment Ridgeley suggested the name brings a smile to Michael’s face…

What is Michael Jackson’s worth?

Since his untimely death in 2009, MJ’s estate has continued to rake in profits. At the time of his death, he was worth around US$500 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and in 2018, his earnings reportedly reached US$825 million. In May 2021, a judge ruled that Michael’s estate was worth US$111 million.

What is Bowie worth?

David Bowie left the vast majority of his nearly $100 million estate to his wife and two children, according to the singer’s will that was filed Friday in New York.

How much is Prince worth?

In 2021, the IRS determined that Prince’s estate is worth $163.2 million.

Can Emilia Clarke really sing?

The answer to that question is a resounding, yes Clarke is actually singing in Last Christmas, which is something the actress herself confirmed during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. I don’t do my own stunts but I do do my own singing, Clarke told the outlet. … I’m singing to George Michael!’

Who was the lead singer of Wham?

George Michael As a teenager, George Michael formed the band Wham! with high school friend Andrew Ridgeley. In 1984, the duo had their first worldwide hit with Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Two years later, Michael went solo, releasing a hit debut album Faith, which has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide.

What was Christmas No 1 2020?

It’s official: LadBaby’s Don’t Stop Me Eatin’ is the winner of the 2020 Official Christmas Number 1, securing a hat-trick of festive chart-toppers and the fastest-selling single of the year.