How do you get the top secret quest on Sims Mobile?

Presented by EA GameChangers Once you reach level 12 you will be able to complete the Top Secret Mission Quest, if you complete in the 4 day time limit you will unlock the Secret Agent Career, this quest used to only be available for a limited time but now it is a main quest.

Do quests come back in Sims Mobile?

Re: Restarting quests on Sims mobile Career quests have re-runs! Just enjoy other aspects of the game (other quests currently available, design your sims’ house) while waiting.

How do you become a secret agent on Sims Mobile?

Is there a cheat code for Sims Mobile?

Unlike other Sims games, there are no cheat codes to use in The Sims Mobile. That means there’s no quick console command to enter in order to get quick cash. Hacks are off the table too: Most purported hack apps are sketchy at best, while others may be outright dangerous. It’s best to steer clear of them entirely.

How do you unlock more careers on Sims Mobile?

How do you unlock the story model on Sims Mobile?

How many levels does SIMS Mobile have?

Career in The Sims Mobile The Sims Mobile Guide & Walkthrough. Just like in any The Sims game, your sim can work and develop its career in The Sims Mobile. There are seven careers to choose from, with most of them having ten levels. Each of them provides some money and other rewards.

What are all the quests in Sims Mobile?

The Sims Mobile Quests

  • Wedding Quest unlocks the ability to get your sims married (level 7)
  • Photography Quest unlocks the photography career (level 8)
  • Baby Quest unlocks the ability to add babies to your town (level 11)
  • Top Secret Mission Quest unlocks the secret agent career (level 12)

How do you unlock the fourth Sim on Sims Mobile?

Re: How to get more playable sims mobile You need to pay Simcahs to unlock Player 3. Eventually Player 4 will unlock as you proceed through the game but you will also need to pay Simcash for that as well.

What is LlamaZoom in Sims Mobile?

LlamaZoom is the latest feature added in the ver 12.0. 0 of The Sims Mobile for iOS and Android. This is the replacement of the Daily To Do List. It allows you to do simple or challenging tasks just like the previous DTD List. The difference is tasks can be completed multiple times.

Where is LlamaZoom in Sims Mobile?

How do you unlock the picture perfect on Sims Mobile?

How do you get unlimited Simcash on Sims Mobile?

What happens when you have a baby in Sims Mobile?

What Happens When Sim Children Become Adults? – a satisfying aspect of having a Sim Child is that once they are grown, they can take the place of playable Sims as they move to retirement. If you choose to retire a Sim, he or she won’t be playable any longer and so posterity must carry on their legacy.

How do you get pregnant on Sims Mobile?

How do you unlock the mysterious benefactor?

Can Sims become models?

So effectively, your Sims can become a famous model using Moschino Stuff and Get Famous, which is a neat little thing I didn’t expect. As long as the model is the one uploading and selling the photos, the model is the one who will receive the benefits of those actions.

Can you become famous in Sims Mobile?

Part 13 – Ticket to Fame For this part, you just have to earn some Sim Tickets. … Any kind of Sim Ticket will do. You can earn them by attending parties and completing relationship events. The reward for this part is 25 Simoleons and 10 XP.

How do you unlock rocket science on Sims Mobile?

To unlock the main event quests, you will first have to complete a quick quest that unlocks the Space Explorer Career quest. To complete this preliminary quest, click on a Sim you know and select the It’s Just Rocket Science event. Once you complete this action, you’ll unlock the main event quests.

How do you unlock chance to dance on Sims Mobile?

To unlock the main event quests, you will first have to complete a quick quest to unlock the Dance Instructor Career quest. To complete this preliminary quest, click on a Sofa and select the Dance Magic event. You have 2 Days to complete this. Once you complete this action, you’ll unlock the main event.

How do you get a piano on Sims Mobile?

Piano Hobby is a hobby that you can unlock in The Sims Mobile by a Heirloom. You’ll need the Maestro’s Grand Piano Family Heirloom to unlock. It is not easy to get this heirloom as you need to level up as high as Player Level 20 to receive it from a retired Sims.

What is the highest level you can get in Sims Mobile?

60 The Sims Mobile on Twitter: 60 is the new 50! The Player Level cap has now been increased to 60!

Is Sims mobile pay to win?

Sims Mobile is developed by Maxis and EA, the creators behind Sims 4, which is why the two games share assets. Like Sims FreePlay, Sims Mobile is in real time, which, based on forum reactions, appears to be a huge deterrent for a lot of Sims 4 players. However, that’s the free to play formula. Pay to win, or wait.

What is ASOS in Sims Mobile?

The Sims Mobile has partnered with international fashion retailer ASOS to bring a catalog of new clothing items into the game. This is a limited-time event, featuring new in-game activities, quests, rewards, stories and more. … You’ll be able to choose a clothing designer and/or fashion photographer.

What are considered daily tasks in Sims Mobile?

The Sims Mobile Daily Task Info

Task Slot Fallback Recycle Tokens
Spend Energy
Sim Specific
Complete X Other Tasks 70
Total per day 100

Where are the daily tasks in Sims Mobile?

Every now and then events will appear in The Sims Mobile. Tasks regarding these events can be found in the missions section. They differ from ordinary missions in that you have limited time for completing them.

Where are quests in Sims Mobile?

Where can I find it? On the lower left side of the screen, tap the Quests icon.Select Quests on top of the screen. You’ll can see a number of quest you can complete anytime.

How many babies can you have in Sims Mobile?

This means you don’t need to have any available household slots in order to have children. It also means you can have more than two children if you’d like. When a child becomes an adult, you’ll be able to promote them to a playable Sim through the family portrait.

Can you marry an elder in Sims Mobile?

Active/selectable Sims in The Sims Mobile are always adults, so sorry for the confusion, but yes, you are not getting the option to marry that couple because one of them is an elder already.

How do you unlock the third playable Sim on Sims Mobile?

you need to go to level 13 and it will unlock you the quest roommate race and once you complete the quest in time,it will reward you with the third sim lot or if you are lazy,you can just buy it for 175 SimCash.