How to Create Face logo for Facebook like Pro

How to Create Face logo for Facebook like Pro

Friends let consider you are going in any Car, Train and you get to see logo for 1 sec or coca-cola logo and you automatically think this logo is of that company.So if you also want to choose that type of logo for your Facebook page then read this post carefully because if you want to do work for long time then you definitely need a professional logo now let talk, whenever you choose a logo you have to remember one thing always that your logo will not change in future because as you change the logo everything will change one way your brand will change and friends, during logo choose, you have to remember one thing no matter how small your logo is, but it need to be see clearly because what happen in Facebook page is your logo will see small when it goes in mobile many people what do?? ..they type something there, use many logo in one logo and make it very worse don’t do these mistake Friends, let me tell you we have mainly 3 types of Logo 1st Logo is that when you are a teacher or a celebrity your face value is very high, people know you by face so instead of designing a logo. Follow the Best Points Below.

Use Only Your face:

Use only your face that will become your branding but how to make logo from your photo i am going to tell you in this article carefully Friends after that what is the Second type we have is when you have your own Tuition Centre, organization, any school or any personal level working office then there you need requirement of logo and for this you have to design the logo but understood, make that of logo which you will not change in future because as you change that everything will change And Friends, the 3rd type Logo comes here is category wise logo means if you have Food Channel then you can use any dish photo and can type your name in simple form or if you have any motor-bike channel than you can design a logo of motor bike and write your name in stylish font or if you have any gaming channel then you can simply use GAME there instead of any Logo and with that you can use this type photo which look like old so these are 3 type of different logo now lets talk about how can you make a good logo in your mobile.

Create A Facebook Page:

We have learn how can you make professional page from your mobile now see we tap on Facebook go inside our page for going in page you have to tap on 3 bar and when you go in pages, it will show your page i have created of Demo name i tap on it you will see it look very odd and bad don’t understand anything what the page is all about so if you want to make logo of this so simply what you have to do? Your logo will appear here where the photo of this man in 2nd language you can make Logo like you make your profile picture so first of all you have to go in play store and search “pixel lab” there i have already it you can see it in play store simply i have to open it after opening it tap on cancel so the “Text” written here.. i will remove it…okay? i remove it and let me choose a black background here i choose the black background okay after choosing this what you have to do? you have to import what you want to write here how to import? if you want to take a photo so tap on middle layer the middle option if you have to take a font so we tap on 2nd number option here and if you have to change the background then you will tap on 4th option and after going there image and if you want to give color background here so you can choose it according to you.

Choose The best Color:

I choose black color here we are going to create logo for our page so here we make it in the name of demo so firstly we need a font of “Demo” before that whenever you make a logo, it is my suggestion to go in middle portion, go in shapes, and instead of square you have to tap on here after tapping, select the Circle come slightly down and take it opacity to 0 come slightly more down and do this stroke to 1 but 4 is enough after that we came slightly more down and take the stroke color white so something like this will come in front of you you will okay it by taping of tick mark come slightly left sorry, come in Right and fill it in complete screen something like this by going in “Relative size” tap on Right come in “Relative position” and after that set it in middle something like this when it completely set, after that you have to tap on layer and tap on lock what will be it benefit ?

I will tell you later when it’s done then simply what you have to do is put your page name or what you want to create, all in this circle okay so we here going to create in the name of Demo so first of all we go in font in Text and type here D…E….M….O so what we write here…D….E….M…O we have write Demo here i tap on okay after tap on okay you will see font size is very small so what will i do, i came slightly in this side okay and after coming here first of all go in Font style i choose Font for our page so i am going to use the font of default i tap on okay after that increase it size according to your suitability like this size…or slightly more large so i choose it size to this according to me so you can design logo for your page according to your choice after that you have to tap on right go in relative position and again set it in middle see careful,

We don’t have to set this, we have to set this something like this if position is not setting good then came in position you can move it slightly left right, up and down so i move it so only Demo is written in my logo so simply what i will do here, try to choose something else so with Demo i also set some interesting logo, for that you have to come in middle layer go in import and directly import the logo which you want to import so as i import this google png if you want to import yourself, then you can download them in playstore or you can search on google like…google¬† png, you will get directly. We okay it reduce the size and after reduce size, take it here let’s equal this a little bit okay after equalization some space is left below which i don’t like so what will i do there, i create a copy of this and i will place it below something like this okay?

Means it look good in my view, don’t know about your you can import whatever you like here only import what you like so let see i have import it go in position and adjust it slightly, okay so we have made it something like this and whatever your logo may look like, it depends on how do you make it so when we design it perfectly after completing design, you have to tap on save button in which button you have to tap is on Save button after tap on save button you will tap on save as image then on save in gallary so after doing this, you have to go again in your Facebook page and after coming here you have to tap on your profile icon tap on choose new profile icon and import the logo which you have made so i import the logo which i have just made and save it when this completely save then see we refresh the page due to low network connection it haven’t update yet but.

Preview Your Work and Save:

See now updated okay and look very good so if you have understand how to make logo for Facebook page in your mobile then according to me this video was suitable for you if you want to learn how to make banner or Facebook cover art then i am providing its link in the description go and check out and see what a wonderful page is going to look like and let me tell you one thing how will it look? its going to be look something like this tech triangle official which is our own Facebook page let me show you how we optimize it see how much wonderful logo is this, how much wonderful channel banner is this if you want to learn how to make everything then you can Subscribe also currently i only want to tell you this because if i make anything other than the logo, then this video will be very long so that’s it for today so friends, i hope after watching this video you must have understood how to make logo in your mobile.

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