Color Filters And Color Adjustments For Video Editing

Color Filters And Color Adjustments For Video Editing

We are going to learn color filter and and guest maps and ignore it. These settings you need to click on that video clip from time line and then that is fourth option. Our full color filter. Click on color filter. And then you can use any of color filter to use. I will use one of the colored and you can see how each box acts. I’m going to use monochrome so it will it to me. In fact more it will effect completely my. Really. So you can see there are a lot of color has a really big stick and others you can apply our laws or you can check our presets for these colorful according to your requirement so this is color. And simply remove to remove this color further you simply need to click on its first option none and where it will remove all the color filters. So next we want to learn color and yes match to yours.

They’re setting you need to click on video clip and then go to add guesstimates. And here is option to increase the brightness of your video. You can increase contrast of your video and you can also increase this option so you can see how this works. So these are some ideas. Man. You can make in your video and the other option to remove this. This adjustment is simply a set to the setting zero and the effect adjustment will be removed. So next thing we want to learn was. And dignity. So to use this yes you need to enable this option and you can see all this effect. Video actually is a very good option. It’s a mix our video in a very brutal way so you can see this is the dignity option. So I hope you have learned this thing. Actually these are very important things we have learned so you can you will see what a use in your projects and videos to improve your videos.

If you want to know how to do color grading in the Kinemaster video editing app then be sure to stick around until the very end because I’m gonna show you exactly how you can do it. I m helping you build your online presence and today we’re going to be going over color grading in Kinemaster but if you’re not already subscribed to the channel go ahead and click the subscribe button there’s a new video every single showing you how to edit in Kinemaster so before we get into this let’s just take a look at these videos right here this is going to before and after of each of these clips after I color grade them as you can see the one on the right looks a lot better and that’s after color grading so color grading can add so much to your video by simply going in and changing some different things that we have offered in this app and it’s really great to do this with most your videos if you want to make them look cinematic.

if you’re trying to do nice vlogs and things like that that’s very important for when you’re doing color grading now on something like a tutorial channel like mine it’s not as important I still do it sometimes but when it comes down to stuff where you’re getting shots outdoors that’s when color grading can be really important so I have three clips here that I’ve taken on my phone and we have this first one and then we have the second one at the beach we’re gonna have this third one with grass and flowers so first let’s do this one first and we need to understand the color grading and can a master how to get to it and what it all offers so there is some color grading in Kinemaster it’s not as great as other apps have offered and it’s not as great as what desktop applications can offer but there is still some so all we have to do is just click on the clip we want to color grade and then scroll down it’s not color filters but it’s color adjustments and then once we’re at color adjustments we have our three options we have our brightness our contrast and our temperature so for this clip right here.

I believe we could up the brightness slightly not much and then if we take a look at our contrast we can lower it a lot and that’s going to actually take away from the image or we can increase it and it looks like it adds more detail to it and then finally we can go over here and we can add more temperature to it make it look more bright and colorful and also let’s just turn the brightness up slightly more and that is just a simple color correction for that okay secondly we have this beach shot as I go down and set it down it seems like the brightness sort of dropped slightly but that quality is extremely nice let’s go ahead and go in and do color adjustments for this and I believe maybe we want to add some more color to the sky make it a little bit more blue so if we turn that all the way up that’s going to give us a little bit more blue in our sky and we don’t want to make it I don’t think we want to change the brightness at all for this one as you can see darkness is going to take away from it and brightness is going to take away from it and it’s also based on the tone you’re trying to set in the scene your brightness your contrast all of that can change how the tone is of the scene if you want a darker scene then that’s going to create this darker tone but if you make it brighter and play happier music and things like that that’s going to bring an uplifting tone to the scene but we’re going for more of a cinematic

When we do our color adjustments and finally our contrast we will most likely let’s just lower it slightly there and we didn’t change the brightness at all so not much difference to this one I think this one was already pretty good and then we go over to this last one and what we’re going to see is the brightness at some points it’s very nice but then we get towards the end and let’s actually bring this out a little bit more the brightness here is kind of messy so we do need to fix that a little bit so let’s go in here and do our color adjustments and let’s tune this brightness down slightly and now that we’ve tuned it down it looks a little better maybe if we adjust the contrast and let’s give it a little higher and then finally our temperature it really depends on do we want really green grass or do we want this darker more natural tone and I think for this one we’re going to want some really green grass and let’s lower the contrast we like this if you have your contrast and your temperature up really high you’re gonna get something very wild like this very bright very colorful and I’m trying to get in between a colorful but also realistic look to it

So if we lower that a little bit and lower that that’s what we should get right there that looks much more green to it it has a lot of color in the grass and we’re able to make out the flower slightly more now since we’ve lowered the brightness and everything and that’s simply how you can color grade but that’s just a simple color grading tutorial in the kingdom a stir app there’s other apps that can do this much better than we can in this Kinemaster app but you can still bring out colors you can still mess with the image make it look more detailed make it look like with this one this was shot spring winter time around their early spring light winter and it was very cold looking and then we added all this to it and it almost gives it like a fall feeling to it so color grading can change a lot with the video and I think it’s highly important when you’re doing stuff like outdoor videos for vlogs and cinematic things like that.

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